D2LINE as a brand is conceived by a team of women thirsty for style and eager to define their true self through the language of fashion and creativity.

For us at D2L fashion is far more than the pieces we wear. It is a sensation, an expression and most of all a story. We believe that by our look we as women communicate with the people surrounding us without a word spoken. That vision is our story of who we are and how we feel about ourselves.

At D2LINE we believe that femininity today is expressed by endless reinvention and the journey we all take to define the woman inside us.

Our STYLE is inspired by the ladies who are not afraid to challenge themselves and embrace timeless fashion with a modern tweak. We create for the women who walk the streets of the big city, are not afraid to speak their mind and win their battles with refinement.

As artists we dive into the world of colour and fabrics imagining stories for each piece we design and make, which makes us fanatical about visual language, details and the feel of all our garments.

As professionals we are restless in searching for new inspirations and dedicated to our work. Attention to detail is our loyal companion on the path to perfection.

– team D2LINE

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