When we first laid the foundations of D2Line we strived to build an ethical fashion brand that understands and appreciates the needs of women with a strong sense of identity. Women who wish to translate their attitude in their style, who appreciate the power of details and who are not afraid to stand out.

A brand created by women for women.

That is why we create our collections with inspiration drawn from the woman who is in charge. In charge of her own life, career, emotions, with a sense of purpose and belonging to a bigger idea. We draw our inspiration from you.

We are here to design the hero pieces that we felt our wardrobes were somehow missing. The clothes that we can cherish forever and pass on to the next generation. The clothes that feel like  second skin and provide you with the comfort and confidence to amplify and round out your own unique style.

We create striking and flattering designs that are easy to maintain, look good and feel good all day long – statement pieces made to stand out, and are easy to up-dress or down-dress. Versatile items that can take you from a business meeting in Brussels to a cocktail in London. Pieces that are inspired by our founder’s personal beliefs and principles, each one offering the femininity and timeless simplicity that define us – strong, modern women.

Every single item in our collection takes you on a journey. One of bold lines, flattering silhouettes, empowering colours and patterns. A journey to success.

We believe in the attention to detail in every aspect of our mission, and we know that you do too. Restless in the pursuit of that principle, we invest only in bespoke premium fabrics product of Italian and French craftsmanship and focus on creating an emotion, an inspiration, a statement that makes you feel comfortably charismatic.

For us, exceptional quality shouldn’t come at a price for society. We firmly stand behind our ethical production practices. Our belief is that our family of employees should feel as comfortable and respected with us as you would feel wearing the clothes they lovingly create.

They say that trusting yourself is half of the road to success. We are here to make sure you walk the other half enveloped in comfort and style.

Stay in charge. Embrace comfort.

– xo, D2LINE

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