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November 2020

13 Nov

#DeterminedWomen Club: Meet Michaela Borislavova

In the second instalment of our blog series #DeterminedWomen Club, we are introducing you to Michaela Borislavova - muse, model and a digital storyteller who takes us on a visual adventure every time we open Instagram. Michaela starred in our Fall/Winter 2019 campaign and is one of the faces you can see on our website. She is a woman with a strong sense of self, who translates her attitude in her style and is not afraid to stand out or speak out. But beyond her beauty lies intellect and emotional intelligence - the kind we want more people to have. She is, indeed, a #DeterminedWoman. Michaela’s modelling career began when she was 21. Some might think this is a late start, however,...
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