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Author: D. Tzanova

13 Mar

An ageless Franca Sozzani

An ageless Franca Sozzani Franca Sozzani - “Lady of Fashion”, “Extravagant, experimental and innovative” and “Chaos and Creation”. Is she a rebel or a risk taker? A light in life and fashion?  “Lightness for me is when being profound allows you to fly high” – said Franca, lady with azure eyes and Pre-Raphaelite hair waves. For 28 years this ageless beauty was  editor in chief of Italian Vogue. In 1988, she was appointed at this position and the same year Anna Wintour became the Editor in Chief at American Vogue, too . Franca Sozzani, Diego Della Valle and Anna Wintour attend the Schiaparelli show as part of Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014 on January 20, 2014 in Paris, France / Getty Images...
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16 Feb

Aleali May-the Queen of Sneakers

Aleali May-the Queen of Sneakers. For Aleali May “L.A. isn’t just a place. It’s way of life”. She is known as a fashion blogger, model, stylist and an exclusive sneaker designer. Her style is a mix between streetwear and high-end fashion mixed with 90’s hip-hop/R&B and “vampire” avant-garde although she always keeps it L.A. In the world of sneakers her name is mentioned as a first woman to create an unisex Air Jordan and one of only two women to design for the Nike - owned brand.  For May an Air Jordan provides history, heritage, street, lux, comfort and style. She is a deadly about minimal, subtle detail - it is crucial in her work. Aleali May wears sunglasses, a silver crystal cut-out...
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26 Jan

Emma Chamberlain- You Tube veteran

Emma Chamberlain- You Tube veteran Growing up in 21st century means to watch a lot of videos and make them, too. Emma Chamberlain did it as well and in 2017 changed the world of online video and created her online empire. It is curious that her audience is more than 10 millions but it feels like she’s sharing her life only with you. “I remember when I first started making YouTube videos, I was kind of emulating the style of the time, which for girls my age was make-up and clothing-focussed, and very pristinely produced. I loved consuming that content. But I had this epiphany where I was like, why am I doing this? There’s no need to be emulating what’s already there. So what do...
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15 Dec

Odile Decq – Space, freedom and body.

Odile Decq - Space, freedom and body. Odile Decq's aesthetic is both contrast and continuity. Her mission is to find continuity into a context.  Her  work is joyful, sensual, and intuitive. Decq's biggest wish is to reintroduce architecture as a central core in the world. “In the Académie des Beaux-Arts teaches that architecture is the mother of all arts, but in my opinion it is much more than that. It goes beyond designing objects, for it is also about sociology, politics, geography, economics, law etc.. We have to bring these disciplines together into a synthesis that addresses all the relevant issues. This synthesis generates an idea, and this idea is the project. The idea is more than the building, because it deals with all the scales involved from the smallest details...
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21 Jan

Nota Bene – Joan Didion

“Grammar is a piano I play by ear” - says Joan Didion. As a little girl she was a bookish child who types out Hemingway’s stories to learn how to deal with the sentences. Now Joan Didion was 87 years old and she is the iconic novelist, memoirist, essayist, style icon and the face of the new journalism - way to communicate facts through narrative storytelling and literary techniques. It’s true that her writing has pushed the boundaries of the human. The chronicler of the cruel world who presented the cold reality with a style, from the realities of the counterculture of the 60’s and the lifestyle in Hollywood. Her career was launched after winning an essay sponsored by Vogue. The award was a research...
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16 Jul


Yves Saint Laurent, French couturier and Farah Dibah, empress of Iran. Paris, November, 1959./(Photo: Getty Images)
“We must never confuse elegance with snobbery” - said Yves Saint Laurent. These words were part of his never written personal manifesto of ethics and esthetics. As a young and fragile boy, born in French Algeria, he told herself repeatedly that one day Yves will be famous. On his ninth birthday he has blown out candles and imagined that his name will be written on the Champs Elysees. On the other side, in the school he was bullied for showing homosexual tendencies but his young and creative spirit found solace in making paper dolls dressed in various shapes, colors and fabrics.  “I prefer to shock rather than to bore through repetition” - said designer twenty years later and it became true. At the...
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