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Author: jovanovic

26 Feb

Claire Boucher – “c” is the key

Claire Boucher - singer, style icon and visual artist started as a fantasy project. Formerly known as Grimes, now known as "c" (yes, this is the correct spelling), but also as the controversial girlfriend of the billionaire Tesla founder Elon Musk, and mother of their first child. A female visionary, a controversy, or a high-fashion sci-fi experiment? Depends on who's asking...
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14 Jan

The British Enigma Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung - delicate style icon. British enigma in the global world, followed by more than four million fans on Instagram. Her brain is a cluster of fantastic ideas. She has effortlessly cool downtown style. Why? Because she has grown up in Hampshire as British country girl in the cosmopolitan family, riding horses and wearing Hunter wellington boots. Now she looks tender as a sexy hologram.   All or Nothing   Many have compared her style to Jane Birkin. Maybe it’s true. But for her looking good comes naturally and it is difficult to articulate her quirky approach to fashion. But we are sure that her look desperately cries: "Not dressing like a Kardashian.” But that’s not all. Alexa Chung is “a style bombshell...
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10 Dec

Tracy Anderson Did it Her Way

Tracy Anderson In goop Health London 2019
“I tell people to be thankful that Madonna is showing that it's possible to be ageless - people should applaud and celebrate that. Anybody who criticises her is just jealous! Madonna is an athlete; she has to be treated like a professional athlete. She doesn't work out for six hours a day. Madonna never works out for more than two hours a day, and then only when she has the time” Madonna has been training exclusively with Tracy Anderson and the results were miraculous. Even Mrs Anderson says so...
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13 Nov

#DeterminedWomen Club: Meet Michaela Borislavova

In the second instalment of our blog series #DeterminedWomen Club, we are introducing you to Michaela Borislavova - muse, model and a digital storyteller who takes us on a visual adventure every time we open Instagram. Michaela starred in our Fall/Winter 2019 campaign and is one of the faces you can see on our website. She is a woman with a strong sense of self, who translates her attitude in her style and is not afraid to stand out or speak out. But beyond her beauty lies intellect and emotional intelligence - the kind we want more people to have. She is, indeed, a #DeterminedWoman. Michaela’s modelling career began when she was 21. Some might think this is a late start, however,...
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5 Nov

How Natalie Massenet Changed The Fashion World

Kendall Jenner, Anna Wintour, Sir Philip Green, Kate Moss, Lottie Moss, Natalie Massenet and Poppy Delevingne attend the Topshop Unique show at London Fashion (Guliver Photos/Getty Images)
Natalie Massenet - the Queen of Dopamine Shopping. She prefers salt and lemons, which translates to margaritas. For her excellent instincts would be a shame if Natalie was that person sitting with a margarita late in the night saying “I could have been this”. In other words, Massenet is focused, calculated and wearing high heels. “Every time I go into a boardroom with high heels I feel like I am in control”. Natalie Massenet was born in Los Angeles in the family of American journalist-turned-film publicist Bob L. Rooney and Barbara Jones, a British model for Chanel, and film stand-in for Sophia Loren. An interesting mix that probably explains her passion for fashion and journalism, which she applied to her work...
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15 Sep

Ivanka Georgieva Whose Designs Made it To The White House

Welcome to D2Line’s Club dedicated to the determined woman! A new series where we turn the spotlight onto the fabulous women we have collaborated with, our incredible customers and the women who inspire us to excel. We want to share their authentic stories with the world and our growing community of determined women here and on social media. We hope and believe that they will serve as a guiding light and that extra motivation you might need on certain days. The idea of the #DeterminedWomen Club has been in the works for a long time. It speaks to the very core of who we are. When we first laid the foundations of D2Line we strived to build a fashion brand that...
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