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13 Nov

#DeterminedWomen Club: Meet Michaela Borislavova

In the second instalment of our blog series #DeterminedWomen Club, we are introducing you to Michaela Borislavova – muse, model and a digital storyteller who takes us on a visual adventure every time we open Instagram.

Michaela starred in our Fall/Winter 2019 campaign and is one of the faces you can see on our website. She is a woman with a strong sense of self, who translates her attitude in her style and is not afraid to stand out or speak out. But beyond her beauty lies intellect and emotional intelligence – the kind we want more people to have. She is, indeed, a #DeterminedWoman.

Michaela’s modelling career began when she was 21. Some might think this is a late start, however, she disagrees and argues that having a childhood is more important than starting a career at 12 years. But even with this “late start” her career took off almost instantly. From photoshoots in Europe to the USA and back to Sofia, her determination is infectious and what makes her a professional.

In the height of Summer 2020, which now feels like a distant memory, we sat down with Michaela for a short and socially distanced Q&A session.
Michaela Borislavova wearing a D2Line Beyond Terra Blouse

Michaela is wearing our exclusive Beyond Terra light Chiffon Blouse while relaxing at home on a Sunday afternoon, back in Summer 2020

How do you continue to be authentic to yourself in the social media world and beyond?

Michaela: I would lie if I say that I have always been 100% authentic when it comes to social media’s bizarre world. But long ago I stopped caring about likes, reach and followers when there was a time when I was very conscious about it and if it is suitable to post exactly this picture at exactly this time frame, is this the right filter, will the post reach the number of people I am aiming at? Being a model and having so much pressure on models and their social media can lead to loss of authenticity. Now I just show my real life in real-time with (almost) zero filters and I can’t be more proud of the social media version of me. Best is yet to come and it’s a full-time job to accept yourself but it’s worth it!


Your morning success mantra?

Michaela: I am thankful that I woke up today.


3 hero pieces in your wardrobe you can’t live without?

Michaela: High-waisted jeans! My forever must-have since my first years of modelling: they give you both comfort and a nice shape. The second favourite has to be the pretty silk shirt with long sleeves and beautiful colours and prints. It can change every outfit from ‘running errands in the city’ to ‘diner with his parents’ in 30 seconds with the right amount of imagination. Last but not least, everything with leopard print – from bikinis to winter coats. Through the years the print became my trademark.


Michaela Borislavova in aD2line Blouse

Michaela is wearing our Cross-Body Blouse in Red


Dress for success! Do you believe that the right clothes can give us the confidence we need to achieve something or is everything inside us?

Michaela: I strongly believe that the way we dress shows how much respect we have for ourselves and for others around us. This kind of self-respect is key to how you take care of the things you do when it comes to job opportunities, for instance. A beautiful shirt and a pair of nice shoes or earrings can change your mood in a second. Of course, if you have less to nothing inside you an expensive garment will be just a temporary solution.


What can’t you wait to #ExperienceAgain, now that we are learning to embrace a “new normal”?  

Michaela: I can not wait to experience again getting lost in the heat of an unknown town, tens of thousands kilometres away, with my significant other, in the search of food and wine, the kind that only locals know about, in the hidden little streets with no names.


*Michaela Borislavova is a model at Ivet Fashion

Stay tuned for our next muse and #DeterminedWoman Interview!