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29 May

How to wash a polyester jacket? 4 essential tips

polyester jacket

What is a polyester jacket?

Polyester is an amazing material for daily wear garments because it is highly durable and strong. It is a synthetic fabric having resistance to wrinkles; therefore, it can retain its original shape and color even after multiple uses. Moreover, polyester outfits, such as polyester jackets and coats, can survive wear and tear, thus withstanding multiple washes since it is water-resistant, too.


Polyester jackets are made of a synthetic material derived from petroleum. It has wrinkle-resistant and water-resistant properties, which makes the fabric a popular choice among multiple industrial and commercial manufacturers. Polyester jackets are durable and can withstand extreme weather changes over time.


Besides, polyester coats and jackets are easy to maintain and care for. You can even machine wash your polyester jackets without losing color and shape. The fabric also has quick-drying properties, making polyester jackets ideal for rainy seasons and outdoor activities. Additionally, these fabrics are lightweight, making them the perfect choice for travelers.

How to wash a polyester jacket?

Wondering how to wash a polyester jacket perfectly without ruining the fabric? Here are the four simple steps to wash and care for your polyester jackets or other polyester garments.

  • Always check the care label of your polyester jacket

It’s better to check the product’s labels to understand the specific washing instructions for polyester jackets. You might be required to handwash certain products based on their fabric type, while others may be machine-washed and dried without hassle.


Keep in mind that not every polyester garment would be required to wash the same way. It depends on factors like the quality of the material, the manufacturing process, the color dyes used, and so on. Make it a point to always go through the care and washing instructions on the label to avoid ruining the fibers of your favorite outfit.

  • Always wash your polyester jacket on a gentle washing machine cycle

Usually, polyester jackets can be machine-washed, provided you put them on a gentle cycle. Also, avoid washing your polyester fabrics in boiling water since high temperatures may break down the fibers. That’s because polyesters are made of synthetic materials, and high heat may damage the fibers.


Therefore, go with lukewarm or cold water for washing your polyester jacket. Moreover, set the wash cycle of your washing machine to normal while dealing with polyesters. Again, check the product label for clear guidance.

  • Use a mild detergent when washing your polyester jacket

Mild detergent is the best friend of polyester jackets, as they would be gentle on its delicate fabric. Avoid using harsh cleaning agents, such as detergent powders – go with mild detergent liquids to enhance the longevity of these synthetic fabrics. Avoid bleaching or using fabric softeners, as such products may weaken the fibers of your polyester jacket. It may further make the material lose its color and shape.


If your jacket has stubborn stains, pre-treat those spots before washing the entire fabric. You can use a gentle stain-removing solution or a mixture of mild detergent and water to clean the stained areas. Dab the stains with the solution; avoid rubbing the fabric vigorously.

  • Air-dry your jacket after washing

Last and most importantly, air-dry your polyester jacket. It will be easy to throw your delicate outfit into your washing machine dryer for faster drying. But again, it may ruin the fibers of the material. So, always hang up the jacket outside and let it dry out naturally in the open air.


Also, ensure that your jacket is not exposed to the direct rays of harsh sunlight because it may result in color fading or the fabric becoming fragile. Similarly, avoid exposing your polyester garments to high heat.


straight-leg pants for women by d2line

How to style a polyester jacket?

Polyester jackets are essential parts of your wardrobe as these outfits add elegance and warmth during the colder months. Styling jackets made of such delicate fabrics is simpler than you think. You can add layers of cotton shirts, sweatshirts, or t-shirts beneath your polyester jacket to create your desired casual, formal, or funky look.


For the bottoms, you can go for sweatpants, jeans, or even formal trousers if you want to create that corporate look for attending seminars and client meetings. Besides, remember your accessories, such as a nice formal or semiformal tie (if you want), along with a pair of sneakers or formal shoes. A brown, black, or tan-colored leather cross-body sling bag would complete the look.

Why is the short sleeve jacket a go-to for spring?

One reason a short jacket is the preferred style during spring is the comfort of putting it on. Also, a recommended fashion tip for businessmen or businesswomen is to wear a short sleeve jacket. That’s because you can avoid wearing two sleeves – one from your underlying shirt and the other from your jacket.

Additionally, when a small portion of the shirt cuff is showing, it adds to the elegance of your formal or semi-formal look. Apart from looking smart and confident, a short jacket also helps the sleeve stay away from direct skin contact, thus preventing grease and sweat accumulation from your skin. That’s because dirty or stained shirts are easier to wash than dirty jackets.