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27 Dec


Another 2

Jefferson Hack – he is the anti-icon who creates anti-magazines.

In the right half of his brain, he keeps the story of three bibles in the contemporary print – “Dazed & Confused”, “AnOther Magazine” and “AnOther Man.”

In London you can meet him at “Bistrotheque”, “Curzon Soho Cinema”, “White Cube”, “Dover Street Market” or “Serpentine Gallery”. Hack usually wears skinny jeans, smokes Marlboro Light and drinks espresso. Don’t be surprised if he says to you: “I’m not a cool guy. I’m a total outsider in the business. ”

His platform www.nowness.com is the Mecca of new trends in design, culture and food.

Be sure that it’s worth it – every pixel and every letter. His editions are bibles of modern aesthetics but not for everyone. For people with ordinary taste, Hack is like “Hurricane Irene”. He is so free to show visual freedom without fear of being crucified or fired. There is no coincidence that Jefferson Hack’s motto is “Declare your independence”. The first edition of “Dazed&Confused” comes out as a fanzine in several spreads with black and white photographs and the size of a newspaper. Charm was hidden in the mix of arrogance and naivety. At that time, the big players were “The Face and i-D”. “We grew up in front of everyone’s eyes and our mistakes happened ‘live’. This gave us power but we can not deny the fact that we proposed a model to the magazines after us ” – Hack says in one of his interviews.

The times of “Dazed & Confused” are distinguished by their courage, and Jefferson gladly skips the celebrity “cerbas” – their PRs, to get to them the short way – through “a friend who is a friend of a star’s friend.” And things happened like miracles in Peruvian mythology. In the 1990s, the magazine became a kind of platform for Björk, Madonna, Radiohead, Alexander McQueen, Kate Moss, David Bowie, Bono, Patti Smith…
With one of these stars in 1998, the publisher made another provocative step. “McQueen was a guest editor for the fashion project. We posted fashion photos of people with different disabilities It took us a while to win their trust and create clothes specifically for them “ – Jefferson says. Soon, Dazed’s editors are getting a bit tight on the pages, and Hack decides to publish bigger features in “AnOther Magazine”.

It releases two issues per year. Bam! This time he crosses the boundaries of business, becoming the first publisher to launch such periodicity. In 2015, it jumps even further with “AnOther Digital Limited Edition”. It is a true digital revolution in a limited edition of one thousand pieces and a price of 125 euros. “Magazines are not meant to be in motion, but I wanted to see Rihanna winks at me off the shelf,” is Jefferson Hack’s motive. And Rihanna does it with a face mask on the cover of a special technological issue dedicated to Alexander McQueen. But Hack doesn’t stop here.

He puts fashion, contemporary media and performance in his shaker to shake it up. And then toast it with his eccentric counterculture cocktail. We could wonder what is the advice of a person like Jefferson Hack to the generation that is following. “I tell to the younger ones not to listen to anyone, not to copy, because it’s nice to wake up one day and find out that you were honest with yourselves”.