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15 May

Taking care of your merino wool shirt: tips and tricks for keeping shirts everlasting

merino wool shirt

What is merino wool, and why is it so special?

Merino wool, as the name suggests, comes from Merino sheep. Merino is a special sheep breed known for providing us with the finest wool and is used for manufacturing luxury winter apparel and premium technical sportswear. One thing that’s impressive about Merino wool is its soft and super-fine texture.

Merino wool is one of the world’s most popular fabric materials. It is both highly durable and inexpensive, which makes it more appealing. Merino wool is so fine that a single fiber of this fabric is one-third the diameter of a single human hair strand. It’s so fine that it can bend out of the way when it brushes against your skin. Furthermore, since Merino wool cannot stand up to its own weight, it is never prickly, unlike other wool fibers.

How to take care of your Merino wool shirts?

Here are three simple care and maintenance tips for increasing the longevity of your Merino wool shirt.

Always hand wash or wash on a gentle cycle in the washing machine

It is highly recommended that you always hand wash Merino fabrics in a bucket or basin with lukewarm water and a mild soap solution. However, avoid soaking Merino outfits in the warm water for too long. To remove stains, dab the affected spots gently with a soft cloth instead of rubbing the fabric vigorously.

Store Merino wool properly – however, it is labeled on the clothes

Consider storing Merino garments in airtight bags, especially at the end of the winter months. For an added layer of protection, you can invest in a few airtight calico garment bags, which will protect your delicate Merino woolen outfits from dust, moths, molds, debris, and other harmful contaminants. Wondering how to fold long sleeve shirt? Use cardboard (and a YouTube tutorial video, maybe) to learn some quick shirt-folding tips.


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Furthermore, avoid hanging your Merino sweaters, as they may lose shape. Instead, fold them neatly and store them in airtight storage bags. You can fold or hang your Merino woolen t-shirts and shirts, though, and place them in your closet as you wish. Don’t worry; the storage instructions will be mentioned on the product label.


If you are wondering how to iron a long sleeve shirt, here are some quick tips.

  • Flatten the sleeves with your hands so that the folds are placed down. This method ensures that the shirt folds neatly along the hems of the sleeves.
  • Iron each sleeve at a time by laying them in the long direction on your ironing board.
  • Start ironing around the armpit area and gradually travel toward the cuff.

Choose air drying for your Merino wool shirt

After every wash, leave your Merino wool shirt in the fresh outside air. Avoid wringing them for drying, as it may ruin the delicate fabric. Air dry it on your balcony or other open areas in and around your home. Alternatively, you can just hang it in your bathroom or apply steam for faster drying. The humid air helps regenerate the Merino fabric and kills bad odors and potentially harmful bacteria.

What is the best Merino wool shirt for a businesswoman?

Merino woolen garments would be ideal for businesswomen who need to spend hours at the workplace to manage multiple business operations. An ideal day in a busy businesswoman’s life includes attending meetings, conferences, and seminars and overseeing the operations of every department. Wearing Merino wool shirts will ensure all-day comfort while adding a touch of graceful personality and luxury.



A round or V-neck Merino wool t-shirt worn beneath a corporate coat or blazer would be an excellent choice for businesswomen. You can pair it with a pair of solid color or pastel-shaded bottoms, such as trousers or a pencil skirt, for that perfect businesswoman look. Complete the look with a leather handbag and a pair of ballerinas or high heels for that boss lady personality.

How to style a Merino wool shirt?

Merino wool is the perfect choice for every occasion or adventure. Besides, sportspersons and athletes love Merino fabrics because of their high-performance qualities. Every fiber of the Merino wool helps resist body odors, regulates an optimal body temperature, and supports a smooth moisture flow.

Merino wool shirt in a casual outfit

If you want that carefree and casual look, go for a Merino wool polo shirt or sweatshirt. Next, pair it with a cardigan, a gilet, or a pullover to glam up your look. The best part about Merino garments is that you can wear them next to your skin because they are sticky or pointy. You can carry Merino wool shirts all day long. However, you can wear a T-shirt beneath your Merino wool shirt.

Merino wool shirt in a formal outfit

You can wear a Merino wool shirt under a tweed jacket or a formal blazer. Pair it with black, chocolate, white, or beige trousers to complete your formal look. You can even layer it beneath a suit or coat to attain that formal look for your office meeting or conference.

This way, you can stay comfortable throughout the day, irrespective of weather conditions or workload. Now, if you ask, “How to style a long sleeve shirt?”, the best way is to pair it with a tie and blazer or suit to complete your corporate look. You are all set to impress your boss, peers, and clients!