D2Line was founded with the intention to explore the depths and nuances of modern femininity through fashion. Within our atelier in Sofia, Bulgaria, we work to design contemporary, thoughtfully-made garments that feel special no matter how many times you’ve worn them. We are guided by an insistent belief that what you wear shapes how you feel—so wearing clothes you love is a powerful conduit for joy.

That belief is embodied by our founder Daniela, who longed for a womenswear line that was ethically-made, comfortable, and professional, but that offered her something more than just safe, unimaginative basics.

She envisioned a clothing brand that would not only capture, but amplify all facets of the modern woman: her drive, her ambition, her femininity, her passion, her softness. Designs that felt interesting yet timeless; that affirmed her presence; yet that she could feel completely at home in.

A brand by women, for women.

Guided by her vision, our close-knit team of designers creates pieces defined by bold colours, comfortable cuts, and captivating details. Clothes that flatter you, that move with you, and that magnify your confidence. Clothes that can take you from a business meeting in Brussels to cocktails in London. Investment pieces made to last, in premium French and Italian fabrics that fit you like a second skin. Ethically-produced garments you’re proud to wear—not simply because they’re beautiful, but because they align with your deepest values.

Playing on the dualities of femininity, each of our designs presents a subtle interaction between softness and strength, trend and timelessness, versatility and uniqueness. Our conviction? The best wardrobe isn’t the one that reflects what’s ‘in’ right now, but the one that helps you connect with your most authentic, joyful self.

Welcome to D2Line.