Exceptional, ethical fashion
for women of purpose.

The story of D2Line begins in Sofia – a monumental city where eastern and western cultures, histories, scents and colors intertwine. A city where craft and creating is still part of everyday life.

Daniela was born and raised in the capital of the Balkans, and from a young age learn to make her clothes by hand. She was mentored by Bulgaria’s deep traditions of tailoring and the skilled makers that surrounded her.

The name of her fashion business – D2Line – stands for ‘dream’ and ‘design’. These two words define the ethos of the collection, which was born from a desire to bring the pants on a new level – statement pieces that elevate the beauty of women. The collections are expertly designed, mixed up unique type of fabrics, the fit flattering the body and they are created for women who want to step out of the crowd and express their personality.