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11 Aug

Very, very Lotta Volkova

Lotta Volkova. An absolutely Russian underground lady who injected the fashion with the new sexy energy. Lotta Volkova - a lady of the moment which currency is her taste and her taste is a cocktail of an aesthetic, inspired by fetishism, punk, West, East and soviet street culture. Her idea of style is not what we dress, but how we think. Lotta Volkova is not afraid to say that “conventionally beautiful things are boring”. Lotta’s last project is a spicy collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier, the fashion’s enfant terrible. “It was an incredible honor to be able to discover the archives, obsess and fetishise -  reimagine the iconic Jean Paul Gaultier collections in the context of 2022 reintroducing them into a contemporary wardrobe. My purpose was to capture the quintessence...
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5 Aug

How to style women’s jackets? 6 fresh ideas to try!

Women's jackets style ideas by D2line | Womens jackets
How to style your jackets? 6 fresh ideas to try Ready to unravel the secrets to styling women's jackets? As the autumn months approach, it is time to look for inspiration for modern chilly weather outfits. If you are wondering how to combine and wear your jackets, check this article for some fresh ideas. We will discuss everything about accessorizing, creating visually pleasing effects and contrasts, perfect clothing pairings, and color matching. Get inspired and aesthetically improve your outfits with our help and professional tips! Styling your jackets might be challenging Creating the perfect outfit should not be challenging. But sometimes when you work with garments like women's jackets, it sure feels like it. You have to think whether the jacket complements the shoes...
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22 Jul

6 main benefits of buying women’s clothing online

Women's clothing online
6 main benefits of buying women's clothing online Have you ever wondered why buying women’s clothing online is so prominent nowadays? Well, the internet has a lot of benefits when it comes to shopping, and most of those make our life easier. Today we will tell you more about the benefits of buying women’s clothing online, instead of going to the mall or hopping from one fashion boutique to the other. More and more women prefer to buy online After the pandemic, more and more fems started to look for women's clothing online. Maybe because of social distancing, or just because we all got used to it after two years, but the result is clear - online shopping went through a huge development. Most...
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20 Jul

Emotional space – Zadie Smith

Emotional space - Zadie Smith “I have a very messy and chaotic mind” - says Zadie Smith. She is the vital literary voice in our messy and chaotic globalized world. Jamaican in the Great Britain, writer, mother and female. Zadie’s philosophy is that the past is always tense, but the future is perfect. One of her greatest regret is not being able to live two completely different lives simultaneously. One of her biggest passion is English language and the most treasured possession is rhetoric. Smith’s formula of perfect happiness could be “reading quietly, in high grass, among loved ones ( who are quietly reading). Followed by a boozy lunch”. In her childhood, her mother suggested her to read black American fiction and her best reading experiences were with...
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15 Jul

Clothing for work. Where to find the most elegant and stylish women’s outfits?

Clothes for work | D2Line
Clothing for work. Where to find the most elegant and stylish women's outfits? Finding the perfect clothing for work and assembling an outfit that stands out is easy. All you need to do is find great brands that share your values, and match your preferences and expectations on elegant office garments that turn heads and look professional.  In this article, we give you some ideas to help you find elegant and stylish clothing for work. We are also going to guide you to choose a designer whose fashion apparel allows you to embrace your personal style. How to choose the best clothing for work? When it comes to work clothing, there are many factors that should be considered in order to find the best...
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8 Jul

Best summer clothing ideas for working women

Summer clothing for women | Working women | Work outfits
Best summer clothing ideas for working women Ready to explore the best summer clothing for women in business? We understand that sometimes it may be very challenging to find the balance between an office attire and a summery outfit. It is almost like these two separate styles hardly mix. But the good news is, we are here to change that for you and help you feel confident and empowered in your elegant work fits without giving up the comfort of lightweight summer clothes. Read this article for some inspiring summer clothing ideas and combinations for working women and find your next favorite trend this season. How to look professional and feel comfortable? On the topic of classic clothing for women in business, there are...
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