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D2Line - behind the scenes
D2Line: Inside the Brand and What Drives us Forward
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30 Oct

Maye Mask – A grey hair looks cool

A grey hair looks cool - Maye Musk
 “ I’m a scientist; I’m a dietitian, and I had a private practice for 45 years." " As a dietitian, no one comments on your looks. Perhaps if I were looking like 50 when I’m 70, then there’s more competition if I tried to look younger. I must say, makeup does make me look younger, and good lighting does as well, but bad lighting can make me look 95. People also like it when they see those wrinkles. And my mom never had a problem with aging. We never discussed it. And she died at 98 a very happy woman. So, as long as no one asks me to have less wrinkles, I think I’m on a roll” - says...
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16 Jul


Yves Saint Laurent, French couturier and Farah Dibah, empress of Iran. Paris, November, 1959./(Photo: Getty Images)
“We must never confuse elegance with snobbery” - said Yves Saint Laurent. These words were part of his never written personal manifesto of ethics and esthetics. As a young and fragile boy, born in French Algeria, he told herself repeatedly that one day Yves will be famous. On his ninth birthday he has blown out candles and imagined that his name will be written on the Champs Elysees. On the other side, in the school he was bullied for showing homosexual tendencies but his young and creative spirit found solace in making paper dolls dressed in various shapes, colors and fabrics.  “I prefer to shock rather than to bore through repetition” - said designer twenty years later and it became true. At the...
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19 Feb

7 Classic Pieces for your Dream Capsule Wardrobe

D2Line classic pieces for your dream closet Capsule Wardrobe
If getting dressed on a daily get more and more chaotic and you feel as if you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear, it might be a good time to think about creating a capsule wardrobe. It will simplify your life, have a positive impact on the environment and liberates you from all the fast-fashion trends!   But what is a capsule wardrobe? "A capsule wardrobe is a concise, curated selection of timeless clothing. It can vary from person to person based on our differing lifestyles, but the best pieces are the kind that can be worn at work, during cocktail hour, and dressed down on the weekend. Streamlining your wardrobe streamlines your life. It’s assuring to know you...
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12 Feb

D2Line: Inside the Brand and What Drives us Forward

D2Line - behind the scenes
D2Line is a brand created by women for women. We strived to create a brand which understands and appreciates the depths and nuances of modern femininity and bring them to life with the help of fashion. Daniela Tzanova, the Founder and Heart of D2Line, in her office, 2021 In our eyes, true style is a reflection of your genuine self, not a flashy trend. In fact, we believe that the clothes you wear help build your own personal brand. They have the power to boost your confidence and help bring out your very best version forward. What you wear shapes how you feel — so wearing clothes you love is a powerful conduit for joy. This belief is...
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5 Nov

How Natalie Massenet Changed The Fashion World

Kendall Jenner, Anna Wintour, Sir Philip Green, Kate Moss, Lottie Moss, Natalie Massenet and Poppy Delevingne attend the Topshop Unique show at London Fashion (Guliver Photos/Getty Images)
Natalie Massenet - the Queen of Dopamine Shopping. She prefers salt and lemons, which translates to margaritas. For her excellent instincts would be a shame if Natalie was that person sitting with a margarita late in the night saying “I could have been this”. In other words, Massenet is focused, calculated and wearing high heels. “Every time I go into a boardroom with high heels I feel like I am in control”. Natalie Massenet was born in Los Angeles in the family of American journalist-turned-film publicist Bob L. Rooney and Barbara Jones, a British model for Chanel, and film stand-in for Sophia Loren. An interesting mix that probably explains her passion for fashion and journalism, which she applied to her work...
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