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Category: Fashion

26 Jun

A guide to formal high waisted shorts: tips and tricks

high waist shorts
Adding high waisted shorts to your wardrobe is a stylish and versatile move, especially for those of you who can't live without the farmer-tan look; that low-rise shorts and pants give you. High waist shorts can be paired with any summer top from your closet to immediately create a chic outfit for almost any occasion. The most common vibe to go for when wearing high waisted shorts is probably a look that's more polished than casual because the shorts themselves offer such a polished, elongating kind of silhouette. Pairing high waisted short with other pieces for the office Creating sophisticated and professional outfits with high-waisted shorts can happen, but there are a bunch of steps you can follow to make sure you...
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13 Jun

What are cape sleeves and how to wear them everyday?

cape sleeves
The stylish combination of classic and modern in a flowing, draped composition makes cape sleeves appealing. All occasions seem to call for a pair of these. They can concede a little. If you're a little formal for something, and you're trying to figure out how to make it more fluid, cape sleeves can do that. They can also work to make an outfit look demure and a little mysterious. They just seem to work on most people and are easy to wear. What are cape sleeves? Cape sleeves are a stylish element in some blouses. The technique is created when the sleeve fabric extends beyond the armhole, over the shoulder, and down the arm in a way that looks like a cape....
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29 May

How to wash a polyester jacket? 4 essential tips

polyester jacket
What is a polyester jacket? Polyester is an amazing material for daily wear garments because it is highly durable and strong. It is a synthetic fabric having resistance to wrinkles; therefore, it can retain its original shape and color even after multiple uses. Moreover, polyester outfits, such as polyester jackets and coats, can survive wear and tear, thus withstanding multiple washes since it is water-resistant, too.   Polyester jackets are made of a synthetic material derived from petroleum. It has wrinkle-resistant and water-resistant properties, which makes the fabric a popular choice among multiple industrial and commercial manufacturers. Polyester jackets are durable and can withstand extreme weather changes over time.   Besides, polyester coats and jackets are easy to maintain and care for. You can even...
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15 May

Taking care of your merino wool shirt: tips and tricks for keeping shirts everlasting

merino wool shirt
What is merino wool, and why is it so special? Merino wool, as the name suggests, comes from Merino sheep. Merino is a special sheep breed known for providing us with the finest wool and is used for manufacturing luxury winter apparel and premium technical sportswear. One thing that’s impressive about Merino wool is its soft and super-fine texture. Merino wool is one of the world’s most popular fabric materials. It is both highly durable and inexpensive, which makes it more appealing. Merino wool is so fine that a single fiber of this fabric is one-third the diameter of a single human hair strand. It’s so fine that it can bend out of the way when it brushes against your skin. Furthermore,...
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18 Apr

The magical side of the cape sleeves: tips and tricks for wearing them everyday

cape sleeves
There are various types of sleeves in the world of fashion. From cold shoulders to off shoulders and more, the options are nearly limitless. One of the most unique and elegant sleeve types is the cape sleeve.    Simply put, cape sleeves can be defined as a flared sleeve with a slit all along the entire length, thereby emulating the appearance of a cape from the back, especially when the wearer lifts their arm.  Cape sleeves can be long or elbow-length. They could have an additional piece of cloth sewed across the back to the other side and along the armhole. If you are interested in knowing more about cape sleeves, then this blog is the place to be. Join us, as delve...
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3 Apr

5 Outfit Ideas with Ideas with Womens Cotton Pants

cotton pants
Cotton pants are a clothing item that every woman should own. They are comfortable, breezy and versatile. When styled in the right way, cotton pants can make you look like a million bucks. Join us, as we check out the five amazing outfit ideas with cotton trousers for women. Why Should You Choose Cotton Pants? There are multiple reasons to opt for womens cotton pants. These include - Cotton trousers are lightweight and very comfortable to wear. They can be breathable and breezy and can be worn for very long periods of time. Cotton pants can be stayed in an array of ways, from casual to sporty to formal and more. Cotton trousers or pants are the best...
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