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3 Sep

The united colours of Iris Apfel

Iris meets INC
“Rare Bird “, “ Geriatric Starlet” or “Accidental Icon?” Yes, it’s just Iris Apfel. Let’s add that she is  “The World’s Oldest Living Teenager” and “Independent Thinker”, too. This lovely lady has no rules because she would only break them.  She is sure that the fashion police will not put her in jail. I’m not a pastel person! Iris is easily-recognazible with her bold and eclectic style.  Apfel’s  fashion toys are oversized glasses, jewelry and layers of  happy and bright colors.  “I’m not a pastel person! Pastels make me nervous. I could never be like my mother because she never had a hair out of place! She got up in the morning and she looked like she just stepped out of a Chicago...
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27 Aug

BIG as Bjarke Ingels

“You can say, like, planet Earth has an existing geology, and what we do as human beings and as architects is that we try to sort of alter and modify and expand the geology”. These words belong to the famous contemporary architect Bjarke Ingels. According to his personal manifesto “architects are not just designers of beautiful facades or beautiful sculptures, but systems of economy and ecology, where we channel the flow not only of people, but also the flow of resources through our cities and buildings”. "YES is more" According to his architectural manifesto “Yes is More”, it’s comic book, there is  the importance of “thinking big”, dealing with problems as challenges and finding sources for giant inspiration. Who is Bjarke Ingels? Nice...
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26 Mar

The forever #joyfull Tracee Ellis Ross

Bold style and extravagant presence - this is how we can describe Tracee Ellis Ross. She is no stranger to the spotlight - a popular actress with Golden Globe, ten million followers on Instagram and her own brand for curly hair - Pattern. And as you probably guessed - she is the daughter of the superstar Diana Ross. Holy pandemic “What I’ve realized during this pandemic is that my entire home is my meditation space” - says Tracee Ellis Ross. Her motto before the quarantine was “Work hard and take care of yourself”. These days she decided to switch to “Be easy, be gentle and be joyful”. She is a big believer in self-care. One of the ways she nourishes her soul...
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19 Mar

Ricardo Bofill – Architecture as a Dream Fantasy

Ricardo Bofill is almost 82 years old but his approach to architecture and life continues to be young and modern. He knows how to "read" space in the best way and continues to dream and build on a grander scale. Ricardo Bofill can find the best way to experience and provide a great experience in all spaces. In the history of architecture, Bofill is a gem of the '70-'80s radicalism. However, this statement makes him laugh and brushes it off  saying: “To be unsatisfied and critical of your own work is very important to keep this internal engine constantly running.” In 1963 the Spanish postmodernist was only 23 but had already begun to rewrite the history of classical architecture. It seemed...
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10 Dec

Tracy Anderson Did it Her Way

Tracy Anderson In goop Health London 2019
“I tell people to be thankful that Madonna is showing that it's possible to be ageless - people should applaud and celebrate that. Anybody who criticises her is just jealous! Madonna is an athlete; she has to be treated like a professional athlete. She doesn't work out for six hours a day. Madonna never works out for more than two hours a day, and then only when she has the time” Madonna has been training exclusively with Tracy Anderson and the results were miraculous. Even Mrs Anderson says so...
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