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6 Jan

Eve Babitz – Girl of California in 70’s

Eve Babitz - Girl of California in 70’s. Eve Babitz - a hedonist with a notebook, a muse, a bookworm, a party girl, a master of entrance, a journalist and an artist. She always wanted to feel luxuriously involved in an unsolvable mystery, her favorite way to feel alive. We could see her naked on the iconic photo of  Julien Wasser.  Two brilliant minds,  Eve Babitz and Marcel Duchamp, the father of Conceptual art, playing chess. Eve was immortalized as the nude beauty facing down Duchamp. In the light of the picture was shot, Babitz was 20-year old “It” girl in Los Angeles of 70’s. “It takes a certain kind of innocence to like L.A., anyway. It requires a certain plain happiness inside to be happy in L.A.,...
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8 Dec

Joanna Gong in breathtaking business

Joanna Gong in breathtaking business. What is jewellery? A perfect spice, and ice on the cake, a fairytale, a little peace that makes you unique, a good vibe, a happiness in the box, the best friend, an obsession… What was first jewellery impression for Joanna Gong, private sales director, gemologist and jewelry specialist at Sotheby’s? As a little girl, she was attracted with the arms-and-armor collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. “Even if it wasn’t considered jewellery, my first love in metal crafts was a wearable piece of metal, tied to the function of the body. " Her breath was completely taken away after spending hours trying to understand the mechanism of the details. Nowadays she prefers antique jewellery and the contemporary design...
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25 Nov

What are some of the most expensive clothing items you should have in your wardrobe?

Dressing classy doesn't necessarily mean spending tons of money on expensive clothing all the time. Indeed, you can look elegant in your affordable garments, too. But if you want to reap the endless benefits of premium-quality women clothing and you are willing to pay a little bit extra to elevate your style, stay around. D2Line will guide you through all the high-end staples and must-haves, so you can spend your money wisely! This article presents some of the most expensive clothing items that every woman should have. Learn more about them and how to mix and match your luxury garments here. What can luxury items do for your wardrobe? Expensive women clothing might not seem very budget-friendly, but it sure is cost-effective. Think...
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25 Nov

Halima Aden – The Supermodel with a mission

Halima Aden - The Supermodel with a mission “Muslim girls have their own crown, it’s called hijab”. Halima Aden’s crown is called hijab, too She became the first hijab and burkini-wearing supermodel  because she wanted to reclaim identities of Muslim women. Her face and body could be seen on the cover of the UK Vogue, on the runaway for the top designers from  the fashion weeks in Milan, Paris, New York etc. Halima Aden changed the  history by becoming the first model to wear a burkini, designed by Tommy Hilfiger “I'm not a cover girl, I'm Halima from Kakuma. I want to be the reason why girls have confidence within themselves, not the reason for their insecurity." Aden was born in a refugee camp in Kenya but...
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18 Nov

Top 10 outfit ideas for women. Winter season edition

Winter Outfit Ideas for Women
Top 10 outfit ideas for women. Winter season edition Are you eager to explore fashionable winter outfit ideas for women? With wintertime approaching, some fresh style inspo is always something to look forward to. There are a few cool and trendy concepts we would like to share with you to make you feel like a fashionista superstar! Check these 10 outfit ideas for women that you can try. Learn what are the trends for this winter season and how to look fabulous. Why is styling important? Every lady knows personal styling is one of the best ways to express herself and feel more confident in her body and apparel. Comfort and coziness are also quite important when it comes to outfit ideas, especially when...
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11 Nov

How to combine clothing textures and different colors? A simple guide to follow

How to combine clothing colors and textures, tips from d2line
How to combine clothing textures and different colors? A simple guide to follow One of the biggest struggles women have in terms of styling is how to combine clothing the right way. Truth is, there are many factors like texture, shades, and patterns to have in mind when it comes to making wise fashion choices. And since it might be challenging to combine the right clothing fabrics and different colors, D2Line is here to save the day.  Check this simple guide that you can follow for stunning everyday looks: What we should know about the different clothing textures? If you ever wondered how to combine clothing pieces, our professional advice is to start with choosing the textures. There are three main types of weave...
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