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Author: Editorial Team

4 Nov

5 clothing must-haves for working women

Office clothing and business apparelmust-haves for working women
In terms of working women clothing - elegance and comfort are always of the highest priority. But is it even possible to combine these two factors and still look decent and professional? Yes, it is! D2Line will show you just how easy it is to dress to impress, without sacrificing your personal comfort.  There are some pieces of women's clothing that every business lady needs, and you should definitely have them in your wardrobe. Keep on reading to learn which are the clothing essentials for the office.  5 clothing essentials for work 1. Pencil skirt The pencil skirt - what a classic! Not only does it add the feminine touch we are all looking for in women’s clothing, but it also makes any outfit...
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4 Nov

Tunde Oyeneyin -Just S.P.E.A.K.

Tunde Oyeneyin - Just S.P.E.A.K. "When you live a life, it should be a life of service. A life of service is lived in purpose, on purpose and of purpose. My purpose is to speak” - says Peloton trainer and public speaker Tunde Oyeneyin. According to her life manifesto S.P.E.A.K. also could be Surrender Power Empathy Authenticity Knowledge Nowadays Tunde is working on the soul care. It sounds luxury but in fact it‘s time to do something for the good of the soul. But at the very beginning it was not so nice and easy. As a young she has always been the biggest girl in class. “I was plus-size growing up. I was also the darkest person, and chubby at school, so I stood out. As a kid, the last...
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28 Oct

Women’s winter clothing. What to have in your wardrobe?

Women clothing | Women's winter clothing by D2line
Women's winter clothing. What to have in your wardrobe and how to mix and match? Winter is slowly coming around, bringing cold and cozy weather. When it comes to women’s winter clothing, putting warmth and comfort first this season seems quite reasonable. But that does not mean being less stylish or fashionable. There are still some stunning trendy outfit options for the cold months.  To help you look your best, D2line has prepared a list of winter wardrobe essentials and tips on how to style them. This article is all about women clothing and gives ideas on how to mix and match them this winter.  What to have in your winter wardrobe? When it comes to women’s clothing that is appropriate for the cold...
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21 Oct

What are some of the main benefits of sustainable fashion brands?

Sustainable fashion brands and designers | D2Line
​​What are some of the main benefits of sustainable fashion brands? Ready to discover everything you need to know about sustainable fashion? Find out what are some of the main benefits of sustainable fashion brands. In particular, how they are changing the world for the better and altering the average customer’s shopping habits. We would also discuss why sustainability is becoming so increasingly important to the general public.  Keep on reading to learn more. More about the clothing industry Environmental impact The fashion industry is overflowing with bad practices. In fact, the industry is a significant source of carbon emissions, accounting for ~10% of global greenhouse gases each year. It is also one of the biggest polluters, with about 85% of the clothing ending up...
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21 Oct

Ivy Getty – It girl on the rise

Ivy Getty - It girl on the rise “My style is a mix of my dad’s rock-star style and classicism from my grandmother” – says Ivy Getty, jet-setting scion, artist, model, socialite and oil heiress. Ivy launched her modeling career with Ford Models. After attending Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, Ivy Getty moved to New York and modelled for the young designers. Imagine her sitting barefoot on a silk velvet sofa in her family home overlooking San Francisco Bay or in the penthouse in Lower Manhattan. Young lady has grown up among paintings by Utrillo, Degas, Renoir, Monet, Cezanne and Matisse. Her turquoise eyes were impressed by Getty’s family collections of fragile Chinese porcelain and rare English and French antiquites. “I collect vintage fashions, and especially...
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17 Oct

6 stylish outfits for an after-work dinner with friends

Stylish outfits and women outfit ideas for after work dinner with friends | D2line
The average woman is often torn up when it comes to choosing what to wear to work and what stylish outfits to choose for their nights out after a busy day. Some ladies prefer to dress up in attire that would fit both social settings to avoid changing clothes. While others like to express themselves differently. One thing is for sure, in the busy world we live in, working ladies often feel the need to relax and unwind after a long day at the office. And what better way to spend your free time than dressing up and going out to dinner with friends? In order to stun everyone and look your best, D2line has prepared some women outfit ideas, perfect...
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