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21 Oct

What are some of the main benefits of sustainable fashion brands?

Sustainable fashion brands and designers | D2Line

​​What are some of the main benefits of sustainable fashion brands?

Ready to discover everything you need to know about sustainable fashion? Find out what are some of the main benefits of sustainable fashion brands. In particular, how they are changing the world for the better and altering the average customer’s shopping habits. We would also discuss why sustainability is becoming so increasingly important to the general public. 

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More about the clothing industry

Environmental impact

The fashion industry is overflowing with bad practices. In fact, the industry is a significant source of carbon emissions, accounting for ~10% of global greenhouse gases each year. It is also one of the biggest polluters, with about 85% of the clothing ending up in landfills or polluting nature and oceans. These concerning trends create huge environmental problems that contribute to climate change and could eventually become irreversible. 

Social impact

On top of that, most fast fashion companies outsource their manufacturing and use cheap labor overseas to create their garments. But the problem is not as much local, as it is ethical. It is about their workers being compensated and treated unfairly, and forced to work in poor conditions. In many mass production facilities, there is barely any hygiene regulation. There are even speculations that some fast fashion brands are utilizing child labor. 

In such poor conditions, such companies can unethically produce immense amounts of low-quality clothing. It then floods the markets with large quantities and low prices, further contributing to worsening the environmental problems. Especially in terms of excessive clothing waste.

Sustainable fashion brand

Brand & client behavior

Becoming a sustainable fashion brand surely can turn this all around. However, the costs, effort, and dedication to making a change could be quite challenging for many designers and clothing labels. They have already established internal processes that work for them. So they are unwilling to disrupt a business model that makes them tons of profits just for the benefit of society and the environment. 

It is all about making money and cutting costs. That is also the reason why so many fast fashion brands are refusing to take an eco-friendly approach yet. But the really disappointing part is, that the mass consumer is still supporting these brands, despite their unethical practices and the low quality of their garments. All for the sake of buying cheap clothes.

The truth is, people can still shop responsibly without wasting tons of money. There are a bunch of underrated designers and sustainable fashion brands that create sustainable or recycled clothing and sell it at affordable prices. There are also countless outlet stores, discount stores, and thrift shops all across the globe. 

Sustainable fashion overview

What is sustainable fashion?

Many people have heard the term but still have no idea what the sustainable fashion definition is. Here is a simple way to put it:

Sustainable fashion is a movement aimed at designing, ethically producing, and transporting high-quality clothing with minimal environmental impact. These types of clothes are typically made of recycled fabrics or other sustainable materials. 

What are the values of a sustainable fashion brand?  

In order to minimize their environmental footprint, sustainable fashion brands are adopting an eco-aware business model that affects every aspect of their business. Their mission is to make clothes that are modern, stylish, and comfortable to wear, whilst protecting the environment. 

Here are some of the principles a sustainable fashion brand like D2Line stands behind:

  • Local manufacturing 
  • Working with local delivery companies & suppliers
  • Use less water
  • Use of renewable energy and resource management
  • Recyclable and biodegradable clothes packaging
  • Waste reduction procedures
  • Textile recycling policies
  • Fair worker compensation
  • Healthy work environment
  • High production standards for quality and durability

What is sustainable fashion definition?

Main benefits of sustainable fashion 

Reduces water pollution and carbon emissions 

The conventional fashion industry has way too big of a negative impact on the planet. Its practices contribute to aggravating problems such as high pollution levels, increased consumption of resources, and excessive carbon emissions. The good news is, there are still brands and designers who care and actually make an effort to create a better world for future generations.

Sustainable fashion brands strive to preserve the environment. Their design, production, storage, and logistics processes are eco-conscious and altered to easily reach the company’s sustainability goals. Some of these goals are reducing water pollution and diminishing the carbon footprint of their business.

Supporting fair labor

Another amazing way for sustainable fashion brands to make a positive change in the world is by supporting fair labor practices. That essentially means providing health-safe work conditions, offering fair compensation, and hiring local talent. Child labor and mass clothing production are absolutely out of the question when it comes to sustainability practices.

Higher quality clothes

When we talk about eco-friendliness in fashion, quality is the first thing that comes to mind. Sustainable textile is durable, softer, and last longer, so you won’t have to purchase new clothes as often. 

While unsustainable brands are constantly putting out cheap-looking clothes that wear out fast, sustainable ones are always taking more time between their limited collections to ensure the highest quality. 

More durable

Sustainable fashion designers create garments that are significantly more durable than the clothes of a fast fashion brand. They can last without tearing, wearing out, or discoloration for years, while cheap clothing lasts for just a few months. 

Even if a consumer is shopping second-hand, the clothing by sustainable fashion brands is quite long-lasting. So in most cases, it is unlikely that the garments would be in an unacceptable condition, even if you pick them up while thrifting.


Sometimes it could be hard for sustainable businesses to compete with fast fashion companies. The cost of sustainable fashion is higher because the quality is good, the garments are unique, the materials are sturdy and the staff is not underpaid. Unfortunately, for many people, the price is a dealbreaker and they would still prefer to go for the cheaper option.

This is a huge challenge for eco-aware fashion brands. For that reason, there is a sense of pure gratification from both sides when a client endorses an eco-friendly business. The brand is getting a well-deserved appreciation for everything they do. While the customer gets to wear the apparel for years to come, knowing they supported a local sustainable business.

Are you ready to make eco-conscious decisions with your styling?

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