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6 Jan

Eve Babitz – Girl of California in 70’s

Eve Babitz - Girl of California in 70’s. Eve Babitz - a hedonist with a notebook, a muse, a bookworm, a party girl, a master of entrance, a journalist and an artist. She always wanted to feel luxuriously involved in an unsolvable mystery, her favorite way to feel alive. We could see her naked on the iconic photo of  Julien Wasser.  Two brilliant minds,  Eve Babitz and Marcel Duchamp, the father of Conceptual art, playing chess. Eve was immortalized as the nude beauty facing down Duchamp. In the light of the picture was shot, Babitz was 20-year old “It” girl in Los Angeles of 70’s. “It takes a certain kind of innocence to like L.A., anyway. It requires a certain plain happiness inside to be happy in L.A.,...
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