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8 Dec

Joanna Gong in breathtaking business

Joanna Gong in breathtaking business. What is jewellery? A perfect spice, and ice on the cake, a fairytale, a little peace that makes you unique, a good vibe, a happiness in the box, the best friend, an obsession… What was first jewellery impression for Joanna Gong, private sales director, gemologist and jewelry specialist at Sotheby’s? As a little girl, she was attracted with the arms-and-armor collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. “Even if it wasn’t considered jewellery, my first love in metal crafts was a wearable piece of metal, tied to the function of the body. " Her breath was completely taken away after spending hours trying to understand the mechanism of the details. Nowadays she prefers antique jewellery and the contemporary design...
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