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25 Nov

Halima Aden – The Supermodel with a mission

Halima Aden - The Supermodel with a mission “Muslim girls have their own crown, it’s called hijab”. Halima Aden’s crown is called hijab, too She became the first hijab and burkini-wearing supermodel  because she wanted to reclaim identities of Muslim women. Her face and body could be seen on the cover of the UK Vogue, on the runaway for the top designers from  the fashion weeks in Milan, Paris, New York etc. Halima Aden changed the  history by becoming the first model to wear a burkini, designed by Tommy Hilfiger “I'm not a cover girl, I'm Halima from Kakuma. I want to be the reason why girls have confidence within themselves, not the reason for their insecurity." Aden was born in a refugee camp in Kenya but...
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