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16 Feb

Aleali May-the Queen of Sneakers

Aleali May-the Queen of Sneakers. For Aleali May “L.A. isn’t just a place. It’s way of life”. She is known as a fashion blogger, model, stylist and an exclusive sneaker designer. Her style is a mix between streetwear and high-end fashion mixed with 90’s hip-hop/R&B and “vampire” avant-garde although she always keeps it L.A. In the world of sneakers her name is mentioned as a first woman to create an unisex Air Jordan and one of only two women to design for the Nike - owned brand.  For May an Air Jordan provides history, heritage, street, lux, comfort and style. She is a deadly about minimal, subtle detail - it is crucial in her work. Aleali May wears sunglasses, a silver crystal cut-out...
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