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26 Sep

Evoke or provoke? – Barbara Kruger

Evoke or provoke? - Barbara Kruger “Thanks God I am an artist and not a movie or TikTok star” - says Barbara Kruger, the most influential artist working today. 77 years old lady became very popular with her photomontages with combinations of mass-media black and white layered images and declarative captions with direct feminist cultural critique. In the 70’s Barbara Ktuger was an artist who explored the power of image and text. "Direct address has been a consistent tactic in my work, regardless of the medium that I'm working in." Yes, Mrs. Kruger is so direct in expressing her views about consumerism, religion, feminism, desire, sex and gender stereotypes. Is Barbara Kruger provocative? Mark Bradford and artist Barbara Kruger attend the 2015 MOCA...
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