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11 Nov

How to combine clothing textures and different colors? A simple guide to follow

How to combine clothing colors and textures, tips from d2line

How to combine clothing textures and different colors? A simple guide to follow

One of the biggest struggles women have in terms of styling is how to combine clothing the right way. Truth is, there are many factors like texture, shades, and patterns to have in mind when it comes to making wise fashion choices. And since it might be challenging to combine the right clothing fabrics and different colors, D2Line is here to save the day. 

Check this simple guide that you can follow for stunning everyday looks:

What we should know about the different clothing textures?

If you ever wondered how to combine clothing pieces, our professional advice is to start with choosing the textures. There are three main types of weave that define clothing textures: plain weave, satin weave, and twill. 

Here are a few general tips for creating distinctive and unique outfits by harnessing the power of textures:

  • Denim, cotton, and leather are basic neutral textures
  • Neutral textures go well with almost every other texture
  • When pairing fabrics, keep in mind the texture’s context (for example cotton’s vibe is coziness, silk is luxury, etc) 
  • Combine up to two types of weave in one look
  • Stick to a limited color scheme if you want to experiment with different textures
  • Try different color combinations if you use similar textures in your outfit

Your look can be severely enhanced by mixing up the right kinds of textured materials. At the end of the day, try to wear outfits that make you look and feel good about yourself. There is nothing more important in fashion than putting together looks compatible with your personal style and preferences.

How to combine clothing textures?

Before we discuss in detail how to combine clothing colors, it is time to dive deeper into the art of mastering texture coordination. Denim, silk, leather, mesh, cashmere, and broadcloth are some of the most popular types of materials with specific textural differences:



The denim textile has a twill weave with a soft diagonally ribbed surface. It is probably the most popular cotton-based material out there. From basic jeans to overalls and classic denim jackets, every woman has a least one of those in her wardrobe. They would often come in a different color, not always in the standard blue shades.

But how to combine clothing with denim texture? You are in luck, as this is probably the most versatile type of fabric. Feel free to combine it with other cotton or denim garments as well as clothes with a completely different texture such as leather, wool, cashmere, and even silk. 



Silkworms produce a natural fiber – silk. Even though it is extremely soft and smooth to the touch, this luxurious fabric is known for its resilience and durability, as well as its dazzling shiny appearance. The fabric is a popular choice for formal attire, professional garments, and accessories like scarfs and belts. To achieve an elegant and stylish look, feel free to combine silk garments with other smooth-textured clothes. 



The term leather refers to any fabric made from the hide or skin of an animal. It is typically very durable, smooth-textured, and thicker than most fabrics. The shades of beige, black and brown are most popular with this type of textile. Our tips on how to combine clothing of the leather type is to mix it up with other leather garments and throw in something neutral. 

For example, wear your favorite leather jacket with leather boots and accessories over your cotton t-shirt and denim jeans. Or if you are feeling a bit bolder, wear a white shirt under your leather top, and finish the look with leather pants or a leather skirt.



Cashmere is one of the most premium and luxurious natural fiber fabrics. It is made of cashmere goat and pashmina goat wool, and it is famous for its extreme softness, insulation, and warmth. Cashmere is way lighter than sheep wool and has delicate thin fibers, so in many cases, cashmere clothes also contain soft merino wool.

Here is how to combine clothing made of cashmere. Considering its vibe and texture, our advice would be to combine it with cotton or denim clothes to create an unforgettable look and make cashmere garments stand out as statement pieces.


Broad cloth poplin texture

Traditional woolen weavings are made from thick yarns. Some of the main characteristics of a broadcloth are that it is durable, sturdy, windproof, and water-resistant. That makes it a common choice of fabric for winterwear and winter accessories.

As a plain weave fabric, broadcloth goes well in combination with twill weave garments like denim. In some cases, you may color-coordinate it and also combine it with cashmere and leather clothes.

How to combine the colors?

Now, let’s talk about how to combine clothing colors successfully. Because even if you master the art of creating well-coordinated outfits in terms of textures, you still need to match your garments colorwise. That is, of course, if you want to put together an inspiring and visually appealing outfit.

Monochrome lookMonochrome clothing combination

If you prefer monochrome and minimalistic outfit looks, sticking to one color is completely fine, but try to combine different textures. This would make your attire more exciting and interesting and ensure your style would not look too bland, dull, or boring.

Bold contrasting look

Tips how to combine clothes

Not everyone is a fan of monochrome looks. Some women prefer to wear contrasting colors to express themselves with their clothing. But while going for the bolder outfit surely makes a woman stand out, it may also look a bit too much if too many patterns or textures are involved. So, if you decide to wear different complementary colors, try to keep the clothing fabrics as similar as possible.

Soft fusion

Women's outdoor jacket with crop top and pants, different texturesPlaying around with similar color shades is a wonderful way to refresh your everyday outfits. And it is also quite a trendy approach. So if you feel like creating a soft-fusion outfit, go ahead. This combo works best with various neutral shades of the same color, for example, cream, soft beige, and kaki. 

Neutral color outfit

If you prefer to go for a more professional or elegant look, we advise you to choose muted colors for your outfit. Neutrals are extremely versatile and they work amazingly well with other neutrals. The classic combination you would not regret is black and white, but you can also try other options.

Did you like our top clothing combination tips? Find some amazing combos to inspire your next outfit by browsing our collections or keep on reading our D2Line fashion blog!