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4 Nov



With its personal mantras, The Coveteur platform unlocks the deepest and most personal spaces of the global trendsetters and tastemakers. “The people we present “live” fashion full-circle.

Their personal style comes from different directions – their behavior, their interior, books, clothes, make-up, and lots more”, says Stephanie Mark, the creative powerhouse behind this favorite online destinations. It’s all about context. In the sacred context, without which no story would be possible.

Stephanie is followed closely by Erin Kleinberg and photographer Jake Rosenberg. Today they’re out hunting for stories in Mumbai, then on to Copenhagen, then Tokyo. They are like the online curators in the virtual galleries full of possessions, accessories, memories…


They never seek to make headlines. “Coveteur’s photos are fun and don’t stress people out! When we meet with celebrities, we don’t try to shoot massive photos of their personal space, but rather to work with them so that they feel comfortable and pleasant”, says Stephanie Mark.

The Coveteur follows Dries Van Noten’s philosophy, which states: “It’s a lot more interesting to have a photo of a small detail, leaving everything else to the imagination. It doesn’t evoke curiosity to see everything, because there is nothing left to dream about”.

With their concept, Stephanie, Erin and Jake take and then give only as much as is necessary. They never cross the boundary of what is acceptable in any personal space.


They are exclusive, not voyeurs. It’s interesting to see how their passion has transitioned into a successful business venture with pure aesthetics.

Each story they tell is a personal formula for good taste. Luxury brands like Hermes and Chanel turn to them seeking advice on creative content and curious photography.

The three creative minds dream of experiencing the personal spaces and belongings of Hugh Hefner, Lana del Rey, Diane von Furstenberg… and they have already “experienced” the vibe of the personal belongings of Arianna Huffington, Jessica Alba, Miranda Kerr, Christian Louboutin…

“I dream of seeing Michael Jackson’s archives and Dolly Parton’s possessions”, says Stephanie.

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Credit: http://www.coveteur.com/