When were flared pants in style?

During the late 1960s and 1970s, flared pants were a style sensation. This iconic fashion trend, characterized by wide-leg openings, left a lasting impact on the world of fashion with its distinct sense of bohemian and disco-inspired aesthetics.

How to style flared trousers?

Add finesse to your flared trousers with a silk twill scarf or cinch the waist with a wide leather belt featuring a metal logo buckle. Pair it with a short lapel jacket made of polyester and jacquard viscose, perfect for creating a fashion statement when worn over flared trousers.

What shoes to wear with flared trousers?

Choose from a variety of shoes to fit your style – heeled ankle boots for an edgy look, pointed-toe flats for sophistication and comfort, platform shoes to make a statement, strappy sandals for elegance, loafers for trendiness, and block heels for added height.

What top to wear with flared trousers?

Go for an asymmetrical sleeve viscose top with a captivating circle pattern for a stylish drape. Alternatively, choose a loose-fit, high-neckline blouse with long draped sleeves and an asymmetric hem detail, adding a touch of elegance to your ensemble.

What to wear with flared trousers?

Embrace elegance with a chiffon D2Line Geo print top, a transparent print fabric shirt with sculptured arms and hidden placket, or a silk twill scarf boasting bespoke D2Line logo design.