What trousers are in fashion?

There are different styles of trousers that are currently in fashion, catering to various preferences and occasions. Popular styles include wide-leg trousers, mid-rise wide trousers, high-waisted pleated trousers, straight-leg jeans, cargo pants, and relaxed tailored styles. These styles reflect a blend of comfort and style.

How to iron suit trousers?

To effectively iron suit trousers, start by steaming them and then turn them inside out. Iron the waistband, pockets, seams, and legs in sections using the appropriate heat and continuous movement. Finally, fold and hang promptly to maintain a polished appearance.

When did women start wearing trousers?

Women have worn trousers throughout history. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Amelia Bloomer introduced “bloomers”, a type of loose trousers, as a women’s rights statement. Women’s increased involvement in activities during World War I led to more practical clothing options. Trousers gained broader acceptance in the mid-20th century, evolving into the diverse styles worn today.

How long should trousers be?

Trouser length is crucial for a good look. Depending on the trouser style, the length varies. Tailored trousers should graze the tops of your shoes, creating a clean break, while jeans can elegantly fall to skim the top of your footwear. Chinos, versatile in nature, can be worn to sit at the top of your shoes, offering a relaxed yet polished appearance.