What are cigarette trousers?

Cigarette trousers, a timeless style originating in the mid-1950s, feature a simple, slim-fit shape that exudes sophistication. Characterized by a slight tapering towards the leg’s bottom, they elegantly finish just above the ankle, making them a versatile option for both formal and casual occasions.

What are tapered trousers?

Tapered trousers are pants that have a relaxed fit around the thighs and waist, with a gradually narrowing line towards the hem, creating a sleek and stylish look that’s versatile for various occasions.

What are chino trousers?

40 wordsChinos are versatile pants made from cotton twill fabric, suitable for both business-casual and relaxed settings, with a casual yet slightly formal appearance. Chinos are a popular wardrobe staple due to their comfort, featuring slant pockets at the sides, welt pockets at the back, and a straight or slightly tapered leg.