Creating the perfect outfit with wide leg trousers

Embrace wide leg pants in winter with a poly viscose trench coat—a versatile staple boasting cascading pleats for an unexpected touch. Elevate your look with a viscose and polyester egg-shaped cape featuring front arm openings, ideal for layering over wide leg pants. Enhance your ensemble with a unique short jacket crafted from virgin wool, distinguished by its pleated shoulder and hidden placket zipper, exuding a sense of exclusivity.

Enhance your femininity with these outfit ideas. Pair wide leg sequin pants with a transparent print fabric shirt featuring sculptured arms, bow collar, and loose fit. Alternatively, add a cascading pleated trench coat made of poly viscose. Elevate your evening look with a silk and viscose blouse featuring a sheer dot cape sleeve and unique neckline overlap.

Pair wide linen pants with a Geo print top featuring a polo collar and graceful drape. Alternatively, choose a printed cotton blouse with wide cuffs and a round neck, perfect for a sophisticated look with heels. For added flair, choose an asymmetrical sleeve viscose top with a unique circle pattern.

Upgrade your navy wide-leg pants with a silk shirt featuring cape sleeves, a high collar, and unique details. For a versatile and elegant look, try a transparent printed top with cascading sleeves or a slightly loose blouse with an asymmetric neckline and flared sleeves.

Pair black wide leg trousers with a satin shirt featuring D2Line red print. Elegant touches include concealed button fastening, metal embellished collar and cuffs. Add a refined touch with a silk twill scarf featuring the unique D2Line logo. Layer an oversized jacket with double lapel, hook, and eye closure for a chic yet comfortable ensemble.

For an effortlessly relaxed summer ensemble, combine wide leg pants with platform sandals. Alternatively, if you’re going for a more laid-back look, chunky sneakers can be a great option to add some edginess to your outfit. Come fall, ankle boots are a great way to add some interest to your wardrobe.

How to style cargo pants?

Pair your cargo pants with an architectural pleated shoulder cotton blouse, a transparent print fabric shirt with sculptured arms and a hidden placket, or a chiffon D2Line Geo print top with a polo collar and gentle drape—each perfect for different occasions and versatile styling.

For cargo pants, choose from these shirt options: A cotton shirt with a hidden placket and wave drape, a silk cape sleeve shirt with a high collar and unique design, or a refined transparent print fabric shirt with sculptured arms, hidden placket, and bow collar—suitable for various occasions and versatile styling.

Choose from these jackets to pair with cargo pants: a poly viscose trench coat with cascading pleats, an asymmetric drape jacket with dropped shoulders and an inserted belt for comfort, or a short virgin wool jacket with folded sleeves for signature style. These versatile options are wardrobe staples.

For comfort and style, choose an asymmetric drape jacket made of poly viscose with dropped shoulders and a belt featuring a self-cover button. Pair it with green cargo pants and a silk top with cascading delicate sleeve drape and a small cape detail, perfect for day-to-night transitions. Alternatively, complement your cargo pants with a refined transparent print fabric shirt with sculptured arms, a hidden placket, and a bow collar, suitable for any occasion.

Try a polyester one-shoulder blouse with a chiffon sleeve and creative shawl styling. Embrace a twill silk shell top, featuring an asymmetrical one-shoulder design, perfect for pairing with midi skirts or jeans. Or choose a virgin wool asymmetric drape jacket with inserted belt, ensuring comfort and style for every occasion, whether layered over a T-shirt, blouse, or dress.

Go for heeled ankle boots for a fusion of style and edge. Alternatively, choose platform sneakers for a trendy and casual vibe. Elevate the look with strappy sandals for a touch of elegance, or go for classic white sneakers for a versatile and comfortable option.

How to style flared trousers?

During the late 1960s and 1970s, flared pants were a style sensation. This iconic fashion trend, characterized by wide-leg openings, left a lasting impact on the world of fashion with its distinct sense of bohemian and disco-inspired aesthetics.

Add finesse to your flared trousers with a silk twill scarf or cinch the waist with a wide leather belt featuring a metal logo buckle. Pair it with a short lapel jacket made of polyester and jacquard viscose, perfect for creating a fashion statement when worn over flared trousers.

Choose from a variety of shoes to fit your style – heeled ankle boots for an edgy look, pointed-toe flats for sophistication and comfort, platform shoes to make a statement, strappy sandals for elegance, loafers for trendiness, and block heels for added height.

Go for an asymmetrical sleeve viscose top with a captivating circle pattern for a stylish drape. Alternatively, choose a loose-fit, high-neckline blouse with long draped sleeves and an asymmetric hem detail, adding a touch of elegance to your ensemble.

Embrace elegance with a chiffon D2Line Geo print top, a transparent print fabric shirt with sculptured arms and hidden placket, or a silk twill scarf boasting bespoke D2Line logo design.

How to style skinny pants?

Opt for heeled ankle boots to add style and edge. Alternatively, choose pointed-toe flats for comfort and elegance, or strappy sandals for sophistication. White sneakers are a versatile and trendy option for everyday wear.

Opt for a transparent print fabric top with cascading sleeve drape and cape detail, transitioning seamlessly from day to night. Alternatively, choose a versatile one-shoulder viscose blouse featuring a bow and elastic waistband for multiple styling options and standout appeal. Embrace a slightly loose blouse with an asymmetric neckline, v-shaped back, and flared sleeves—a chic choice for any occasion.

Choose from a variety of stylish blouses: a vibrant geo print fit and flare with shirring sleeves, a drape sleeve shirt blending cotton and chiffon, or a V-neck satin top with laser-cut bias bands for unique movement and figure accentuation.

How to style straight leg pants?

Elevate your straight leg trousers effortlessly: Opt for heeled sandals to add sophistication, or choose ankle boots for a touch of edge. Alternatively, embrace pointed-toe flats for comfort and elegance, or go for platform shoes to make a statement. Sneakers and loafers offer trendy yet stylish options.

Pair straight leg trousers with these versatile top choices: a virgin wool top with cap sleeves and crisscross front panels, or an asymmetrical sleeve viscose top with a circle pattern, or a silky viscose turtleneck blouse with front slit and back button fastening.

Style straight leg pants elegantly with these options: Opt for a stylish virgin wool top, featuring crisscrossing front panels, cap sleeves, and invisible side zipper. Alternatively, embrace an asymmetrical sleeve top in viscose with a unique circle pattern, adding a stylish drape over your favorite items. Elevate your ensemble with a silky viscose turtleneck blouse, boasting a front slit and back button fastening for a chic finish.

40 wordsPair straight leg pants with a unique lapel short jacket made of polyester, an ideal everyday look. Add elegance with a silk twill scarf, boasting the fine texture of the bespoke D2Line logo design. Opt for a versatile blouse crafted from two types of silk, featuring a sheer yoke, umbrella sleeves, and pearl buttons—perfect for both casual and chic evening ensembles.

Interesting facts about trousers

There are different styles of trousers that are currently in fashion, catering to various preferences and occasions. Popular styles include wide-leg trousers, mid-rise wide trousers, high-waisted pleated trousers, straight-leg jeans, cargo pants, and relaxed tailored styles. These styles reflect a blend of comfort and style.

To effectively iron suit trousers, start by steaming them and then turn them inside out. Iron the waistband, pockets, seams, and legs in sections using the appropriate heat and continuous movement. Finally, fold and hang promptly to maintain a polished appearance.

Women have worn trousers throughout history. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Amelia Bloomer introduced “bloomers”, a type of loose trousers, as a women’s rights statement. Women’s increased involvement in activities during World War I led to more practical clothing options. Trousers gained broader acceptance in the mid-20th century, evolving into the diverse styles worn today.

Trouser length is crucial for a good look. Depending on the trouser style, the length varies. Tailored trousers should graze the tops of your shoes, creating a clean break, while jeans can elegantly fall to skim the top of your footwear. Chinos, versatile in nature, can be worn to sit at the top of your shoes, offering a relaxed yet polished appearance.

Other types of trousers

Cigarette trousers, a timeless style originating in the mid-1950s, feature a simple, slim-fit shape that exudes sophistication. Characterized by a slight tapering towards the leg’s bottom, they elegantly finish just above the ankle, making them a versatile option for both formal and casual occasions.

Tapered trousers are pants that have a relaxed fit around the thighs and waist, with a gradually narrowing line towards the hem, creating a sleek and stylish look that’s versatile for various occasions.

40 wordsChinos are versatile pants made from cotton twill fabric, suitable for both business-casual and relaxed settings, with a casual yet slightly formal appearance. Chinos are a popular wardrobe staple due to their comfort, featuring slant pockets at the sides, welt pockets at the back, and a straight or slightly tapered leg.

Wearing office trousers

Style office pants with a lustrous satin classic fit shirt, featuring metal embellished buttons. Alternatively, choose a viscose wrap blouse with a metal button waist belt and double lapel detail. Elevate the look with an asymmetric virgin wool drape jacket, versatile for T-shirts, blouses, or dresses.

Elevate your work attire with black trousers paired with a classic satin shirt featuring metal embellished buttons. Opt for a silk cape sleeve shirt with unique details for a striking impression. Complete the outfit with an oversized jacket featuring a double lapel for added flair.

Selecting shoes to wear with work trousers depends on the trousers’ style and the workplace’s formality. Versatile options include classic pumps, loafers, ankle boots, oxfords, and block heel sandals. It is important to choose colors that match your outfit and the professional environment.

The right work trousers depend on personal preferences, dress codes, and job requirements. Opt for a tailored fit, comfortable fabric, and appropriate style for your workplace. Classic colors like black, navy, and gray are usually chosen for professional settings.

You can buy work trousers in-store or online from various retail outlets. D2Line offers stylish and professional collections with different designs to suit preferences and occasions.

Wearing trousers: Color scheme

Choose a modern tuxedo jacket with structural cuts and satin inserts to stand out at any occasion. Pair it with tight leg pants or pencil skirts and elegant heels. Alternatively, create unique looks with a drape sleeve shirt made of cotton and chiffon, or a one-shoulder viscose blouse with a versatile bow and elastic waistband that demand attention.

Upgrade your checkered pants with a loose-fit blouse featuring a high neckline, long draped sleeves, and an asymmetric hem detail. Complete the look with a wide genuine leather belt with a metal logo buckle that can be worn separately and a fine taffeta trench coat featuring an adjustable waist tie, tic-tac buttons closure, and lightweight comfort.

Pair your brown trousers with a high-quality merino wool short jacket featuring unique umbrella sleeves and a draped shoulder for a signature wardrobe piece. Or, choose a chic volume shirt in soft polyester or a fitted silk Crepe de Chine top with an asymmetrical cowl neck for both casual and formal occasions.

Upgrade your white trousers with fashionable choices like a cotton and chiffon drape sleeve shirt or a one-shoulder asymmetric blouse with chiffon sleeves. For a more sophisticated look, try a contemporary tuxedo jacket with structural cuts and satin inserts.

Choose a modern tuxedo jacket with unique structural cuts and satin inserts. It has an invisible magnetic button closure suitable for any occasion and pairs well with tight leg pants or pencil skirts and elegant heels. Alternatively, pair it with a Silk Twill scarf showcasing bespoke D2Line logo design for a touch of luxury or with a soft polyester shirt with a shirred bodice and sleeves, finished with mother of pearl buttons, for chic volume.

For a polished office or day-to-night look, choose a virgin wool top with cross-front panels, cap sleeves, and an invisible side zipper. You can also try an asymmetrical one-shoulder silk shell top or add finesse with a Silk Twill scarf featuring a bespoke D2Line logo design, perfect for versatile styling.