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20 Jan

What To Wear With Black Flare Pants?

flare pants
Flare pants are the most fun and exciting bottom wear for women. The unique flared pattern at the bottom looks outstanding while the fit part of the pants above-the-knee portion works well with just about any style. So, are you all set to step out of your comfort zone and try this cute and wonderful bottom silhouette? Let's see how you can pair flare pants.    Brief Introduction to the Versatility and Style of Black Flare Pants Black flare pants are famous for their versatility. They can add drama to your look or be worn as a casual outfit for a normal day. Usually, they are tight-fitted from the waist to the knees and are flared at the bottom. But they can be...
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4 Jan

Types of wide-leg pants and how to wear them in winter

winter wide leg pants
Winter is coming, and it is full of new and exciting clothing ideas! A famous piece of clothing that has become a preferred choice among many women is the so-called wide-leg pants, known for their versatility and uniqueness. In this article, the professionals from D2Line will tell you more about the different designs of these glamorous types of pants and how to style them in the cold winter months!   The appeal of wide-leg pants in cold weather fashion The reason why wide-leg pants are so appealing is because they provide a unique combination of style and practicality. Not only are they comfortable, but they can keep you warm the whole winter, wherever you are going. One of the reasons behind their comfort...
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22 Apr

Choosing women’s shorts. How to find the ones that fit your body shape?

Women's shorts for your body shape | D2Line | Fashion Blog
Choosing women's shorts. How to find the ones that fit your body shape? Do you have an idea about which types of shorts for women work best for your body? How do you know if they are actually the right fit for you? Are you able to recognize which items best compliment your shape and curves? Or maybe you just go with the flow and shop only the latest trends?  There are so many questions that we could ask you when it comes to buying women’s shorts. And the truth is, many women would not know how to respond. If you are one of those women or you simply want to get helpful tips on shorts fashion, you are in the right...
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