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25 Feb

How to find your personal fashion style? A simple guide to follow.

How to find your personal fashion style? A simple guide to follow.

Personal fashion style used to be limited by a number of factors. Among them a social group or status, where you were born, your interests.

This is not the case anymore.

The internet made an overwhelmingly large number of fashion styles available to everyone. And choosing the right one is important. It is an expression of self; it can make you feel good and boost your self-confidence.

But with such a great choice, how to find your fashion style?

Continue and you will see.


Why is finding your fashion style important?

In the vanity-driven culture in which we live, one would be excused if they believe that finding their fashion style is all about looking good in the eyes of others.

However, that’s not the case.

No matter how many people think likes and followers first, this mission has a completely different goal. And it’s about the power of clothes to influence mood and self-image.

What do we mean?

By discovering the clothes that suit you and make you nod approvingly when you look in the mirror, you can unlock a whole new mental universe. The right clothes can give you confidence, can make you happy, can create an I-Am-Unstoppable feeling.

So, here’s how to find your fashion style.

find your fashion style


A simple fashion guide to follow

It’s not difficult to do this. But it takes time and some courage.


Because, first, you would need to experiment a lot. And second – you would need to have a careful look into yourself.

Keep reading to find out what we mean.


Figure out your body shape

This is a key step and it’s no coincidence that we put it first.

Getting to know your body will help you determine which clothes suit it best and ultimately – select the best fashion style for yourself.

Explore it. Have a look at its width and height. Are you curvy or slim? Look at your bust, legs, shoulders, hips etc.

This knowledge will help you choose the correct size, colours, styles.

For example, dark hues can make you look slimmer, vertical stripes taller etc. You will learn how to accent your best features and balance those you feel are not perfect.

Let’s move to what’s inside you.

Figure out your body shape


Know your vibe

What image do you want to project?

Do you want to be seen as friendly and approachable or an authoritative and distanced person?

Maybe you want to spread positivity or instill respect in others?

This will really help you choose what fashion style to go for.


Try new accessories

This is a more discreet way to experiment.

Instead of trying out a whole new outfit, you may only put on some new accessories.

Bags, shoes, and jewelry are usually representative of a particular style, so it’s a good test to see if it suits you.


Do your hair and make-up

Your hair and your make-up are a part of your whole look.

And when we say do them, we don’t mean follow some other people’s understanding of beauty.

What then?

What we mean is find what works best for you. Experiment and see what makes you feel comfortable and pretty. What is too much and what speaks about yourself.

It is again a part of your own fashion style.

Smiling Asian woman

Find the colors that inspire you

This takes part on two levels.

The first one is when you are looking at outfits whether in a store or online. Which colors make you feel like putting them on?

The other is a bit more empirical.

Try clothes and accessories in different hues. Which ones make you say, ‘This may go well with that and that’? Build on that inspiration and see where it gets you.


Learn more about your personality

As 40+ Style says, style is as much about knowing about yourself as well as knowing what you want to portray.

Your clothes should match your personality.

So have a moment to think about yourself. Are you easy-going or reserve? Do you feel comfortable standing out in a crowd or prefer not to draw attention to yourself? And so on.

Having a good grasp of who you really are is an important step in the guide of how to find your fashion style. It will help you pick clothing that’s in harmony with your inner self.

What do we mean?

If you love having fun and spreading positivity, you may feel good in bright, bold, even eccentric clothing. But, on the other hand, you may find them silly if you are conservative.

Again, if you want to stand out, you will probably opt for non-standard cuts and color schemes. If you prefer to sit quietly away from attention, maybe a monochromatic scheme will suit you better.


Mix and match different styles and colors

In your quest to answer the important question ‘What is my fashion style?’, you should keep an open mind.

Be bold and creative.

Allow yourself to try different things and don’t dismiss anything because you are afraid to try it. Summon that courage and you may find that not only does it suit you, but it makes you feel great.

different styles and colors


What to do next?

Go back to the beginning of the guide and start from there.

Observe yourself – your body and mind – and gather information.

Answer the important questions about you.

Roam the internet for inspiration. See what’s available in the shops around you. Experiment with clothes and accessories you already have.

But most importantly, have fun finding your fashion style.


We at D2Line are dedicated to helping women return to femininity through clothes.

We believe that clothing can not only capture but amplify all facets of the modern woman.

No matter what her personal style is.

See if they inspire you.