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13 Nov

What are some of the bravest womens patterned trousers?

patterned trousers

Women’s patterned trousers have been one of the trendiest styles in recent years and are getting more popular every day. We can also consider patterned trousers one of the bravest options for women, and for a good reason.

In this article, the professionals from D2Line will tell you more about the rise of patterned trousers, where they emerge, their role today, and what kinds of different prints exist out there. Finally, we will advise you on how to style patterned trousers and rock their look in your daily life.


Defining “Brave” in Fashion Terms

Probably, you have heard the term “brave” mentioned in fashion. This term is used to describe many things related to personal style, from bold color choices to combining different patterns and experimenting with unconventional styling techniques.

Overall, ‘brave’ in fashion terms can be considered as everything that goes out of the frame of conventional clothing. We can say that patterned trousers can be defined as ‘brave’ clothing since they really stand out in a crowd and are noticeable.


patterned trousers womens

The Evolution of Ladies’ Patterned Trousers

Women’s patterned trousers emerged in the 1970s when women were discovering new fashion trends such as miniskirts, bell sleeves, and shearling coats. This was the era when patterns and prints became extremely fashionable, and fashion underwent a significant shift.


The Role of Patterns in Fashion

Let us take a look at the two most important roles of patterns in fashion.


Expressing Personality through Patterns

Fashion has always been a way for people to express themselves and show their uniqueness. Patterns play a significant role in this statement. Not only can people choose different color combinations of patterns, but they can choose the message they want to convey. Would you like to strike as a more creative person? Or what about dramatic or rebellious? There are multiple patterns suitable for the occasion.


Breaking the Mold: Beyond Solid Colors

Patterns come in a variety of colors and combinations, depending on the desired effect. They can be more simple and classical, or rather floral, with butterflies, for example. It is up to you to decide what kind of message you want to convey.

Daring and Bold Patterned Trousers for Women

Here are the most discussed and daring patterned trousers for women you can explore for your next purchase.


Animal Prints

Animal prints are a well-established trend that many women like to follow. Usually, the animal prints are worn in the cold winter seasons. However, some women like to wear them in the summer since they look stunning and, at the same time, very neutral. The trousers with animal prints can make every outfit look fresh and exceptional. Do not be afraid to experiment and embrace your inner diva with these versatile trousers.


Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are not only a timeless classic used in interior design, but they also find their place in the fashion industry. Regardless of the season and the year, geometric patterns will always be trendy and give your body confidence. Some of the most up-to-date geometric prints include polka dots, stripes, and black and white graphics.

Abstract and Artsy Prints

Are you feeling in the mood for some art and boldness? Then you must try wearing abstract or artsy trousers. The abstract trousers are the types of trousers you can’t describe with one word – they are usually made out of different fabrics and are neither geometric nor striped. They were made for people not afraid to experiment and challenge their looks.


Tropical and Floral Prints

Why take care only of your plants at home when you can show them off on the street? Tropical and floral prints are the must-have prints for the summer season. They are not only eye-catching and trendy but also convey a bold message. Additionally, one can never go wrong with floral prints because they go together with versatile pieces of clothing.


Checkerboard Prints

Have you heard of checkerboard prints? You are right, these prints resemble the board game and are perfect for creating a sophisticated and bold everyday look. The checkerboard prints can be worn all year long as they bring plenty of color and mood to every outfit.


women fashion

Styling Brave Patterned Trousers

The key to styling patterned trousers is to pair them with tops or accessories that match one color from the pattern. This way, you make sure you balance the outfit without overwhelming it with too many colors. Moreover, you can always add accessories such as belts, scarves, or jewelry. Don’t forget to experiment and have fun along the way as you choose your next brave patterned trousers outfit!