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26 Aug

Modern vs. Classic fashion style. Which one suits you better?

Modern vs Classic Fashion Style

Modern vs. Classic fashion style. Which one suits you better?

Some women are drawn to the elegance of the classic fashion style, while others have a bit more modern approach to fashion. And while every lady has her own style preferences, it always helps to know more about both tendencies.

Read this article and learn more about the difference between classic fashion style and modern fashion style. Figure out which one suits you best and get some tips on how to mix the two successfully.

Modern fashion style

Modern fashion style is all about staying up to date and keeping up with the latest trends in the industry. From color schemes and patterns to clothing shapes, garment types, and combinations, the modern dressed woman knows how to look attractive.

This type of fashion style is typically influenced by established designers and celebrity culture. It has a very sophisticated and youthful vibe to it. Teenagers and women in their 20s and 30s are the most loyal followers of modern trends.

Unlike the classic style, the modern fashion style embraces bold looks, statement pieces, and loud bright colors. As the trends are constantly changing every couple of years, it could be a bit less budget-friendly to stick to this way of dressing than sticking to the elegant basics. 

Clothes rack

Classic fashion style

The classic fashion style is all about elegant clothing essentials. These types of garments are basically timeless and are probably never getting out of style. Some people might think that staying loyal to the established trends in fashion is playing it safe, and they might be right to some extent. However, nothing modern can beat the sleek sophisticated look of classic attire.

One of the most distinctive traits of this style is the high-quality fabrics that ensure the longevity and durability of the clothing. In addition, classic pieces are toned down and neutral in color, for example, black and white; all shades of beige and gray; as well as darker tones of red, blue, and green. 

The classic fashion style is immensely versatile and will always deliver perfection when it comes to casual and professional environments. The apparel is recognizable by its serious and work-friendly aesthetic. 

Figure-hugging dresses, blazers, straight pants, suits, pencil skirts, accordion skirts, white shirts, slimming pullovers, and monochromatic blouses are basic examples of classic garments. 

Can you combine modern and classic fashion style?

While modern and classic fashion style are two very different movements, they also have many similarities that allow fashionistas to experiment with both. Creating clothing combinations of neutral wardrobe essentials and bold modern garments could be quite successful. 

Here are a few fashion tricks to pull off such a mix-and-match look in the best way possible:

  • Swap the classic top or bottom with a piece of trendy clothing to make a classic fit look more modern
  • Bring a bold color garment among the classic neutrals to make a statement piece
  • Do not mix more than two patterns in the outfit
  • Dress modern and top the attire up with a stylish blazer or coat
  • If you have an oversized top, opt for tight bottoms – and vice versa (tight top, wide bottoms)

Now, let’s give you some inspiration for modern and classic fashion style combos.

5 ideas for mix and match

Look 1- Comfort Mode

Modern classic fashion style by d2line

SHOP THE LOOK: Jacket | Powder pants

Such a wild mix of neutrals is elegant and sleek, something every woman should strive for! The outfit consists of feminine basics – a white loose blouse and square powder pants. This is an example of very versatile styling that makes the fit suitable both for the office and casual outings. The short cappuccino jacket with trench coat details is the modern touch that completes this soft everyday-glam look.

Look 2 – Mediterranean Fashion Style

Mediterranean fashion style modern classic

SHOP THE LOOK: Pants | Top

This absolutely stunning asymmetrical red top is a wardrobe essential for any elegant lady that wants to look incredible in any situation. Typically, the one-sleeve top would be considered more special occasion or work-appropriate. However, this impressive combination with modern wide-leg pants with front slits slightly alters the aesthetics of the top and makes the outfit great for everyday wear.

Look 3 – Elevated Look

Elevated look classic fashion style

SHOP THE LOOK: Pants | Blazer | Asymmetric blouse

Nothing screams classic fashion style more than a black tuxedo jacket and mid-rise slim-fit pants. But even though it is a timeless combo, there is something that can break the ‘normality’ of the fit and make it look a bit more interesting. Drop the basic white shirt. Go for a stylish asymmetric blouse instead. 

Look 4 – Victorious

Victorious Classic Fashion Style

SHOP THE LOOK: Dress | Blouse

This look has a little French fashion style vibe. But the best part is, that it can easily be achieved with the stunning combination of a dapper beige blouse and a modern pinafore dress with a deep V-neck. A clothing mix so powerful turns heads.

Look 5 – Calm Spirit

If you have a midi pattern dress that you simply adore, we cannot wait to show you how you can elevate your smart look with just a bit of extra styling. A statement wrap dress can absolutely pop if used as a tunic! That’s right, you can repurpose your dress by wearing wide bold pants underneath to achieve a smooth modern fashion style vision