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7 May

Elegant clothing style. 7 outfit ideas for women!

Elegant clothing style

Elegant clothing style. 7 outfit ideas for women!

Ready to elevate your elegant clothing style with elegant outfit combinations? We gathered for you top fashion tips on how to dress more modish and awaken your inner glam lady. Because every woman deserves to feel empowered, beautiful, and confident in her clothes.

Check some great outfit ideas for the elegant clothing style and learn more about how to look stunning while staying on-trend. Get inspired and improve your style with the help of the 7 tips we give you in this article.

Define your personal style

Finding your personal style is substantial. When it comes to fashion, you have to do your best to express yourself through your outfits, not simply follow the current fashion trends. Otherwise, you would not feel comfortable wearing clothes you don’t actually like, and neither can you utilize the freedom to experiment with your 

In fact, the best way to embrace the elegant women clothing style is to find the balance between what you love to wear and what the sleek and lavish elegant style demands. 

Elegant clothing is timeless

Probably the best thing about the elegant clothing style is that an elegant outfit is timeless. Graceful and chic clothing is appropriate for almost any occasion and social scene, making elegant attire extremely versatile. Hence, if you feel like exploring this fashion style, you will have many opportunities to experiment with clothes and combinations.

Elegant clothing style by D2line | Designer clothing | Elegance

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Dressing with class is a very empowering thing and a huge confidence booster. So we urge you to seek out some timeless pieces like beautiful sleek dresses, slip skirts, relaxed blazers, velvet pants, classy coats, minimalistic accessories, and subtle jewelry. 

With these elegant style must-haves in your wardrobe, you will be ready to take on everything life throws at you with grace and finesse. Learn more about our elegant outfit ideas in the next few paragraphs and summon your inner fashionista.

7 outfit ideas for elegant clothing style

Sweater dress

One of the top elegant outfit ideas we have for you is the sweater dress. This type of clothing adds a very modern twist to an elegant clothing style. At the same time, by embracing the idea of wearing a sweater dress, you can be sure that you will feel cozy and comfortable all the time.

This type of elegant outfit matches well with monochromic jewelry statement pieces and stylish handbags or tote bags. For the shoe choice, you can go for business-casual flats like loafers and moccasins, or try to look more formal with beautiful high heels.

Combine with simple jewelry

Jewelry Pearls | Elegant clothing style

A woman cannot master the elegant clothing style before she masters accessory combinations, jewelry in particular. When we talk about elegance and impressing with an elegant outfit, it is impossible to ignore the fact that going too bold and colorful on jewelry is a huge mistake. Pick a jewelry set that is simple and delicate instead. For example, a stunning pearl set or minimalistic gold jewelry with small shiny stones.

Slip skirt

If you are interested in exploring the elegant clothing style, please do not sleep on slip skirts! A slip skirt is a classic elegant outfit garment that is super adaptable to different settings and occasions. Thanks to that versatility, you can bring a lot of your elegant outfit ideas to life and create unforgettable head-turning combinations.

Going for a slimming slip skirt made of silk, chiffon or satin is a wonderful way to dress classy and stay ahead of the fashion trends. The black color gives off a sophisticating vibe and therefore it’s on top of our suggestions for an elegant outfit for the work environment. For casual outings, you can go for a white or beige skirt, or find a delicate colorful pattern.

Add a blazer

White elegant blazer

Blazers are the most iconic type of garments in the elegant clothing style. They give a woman a professional glow and serve the suit-like look but without the suit. The category blazers fall into is business-casual. So you can wear it to the office and also when going out with your friends and family.

Take your elegant clothing style to the next level with a pastel or neutral-colored blazer. The subtle shades and nuances work well with other influential garments such as slip skirts and pants. The right way to accessorize a blazer is to pick out work-appropriate minimalistic jewelry without too many and too large stones.

Belted coat

Elegant outfit | Green Belted Coat by D2Line

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Belted coats are bound to make any woman look amazing and as expected. Coats are the elegant ladies’ best friends in the spring and autumn months when the weather demands an extra layer of clothing. 

Match the immaculate energy of a belted coat by combining it with stylish pants and a lavish top; a skin-tight skirt and a pretty shirt; or put it over a stunning classy dress. You can wear belted coats with both high-heels and flats. 

Make the best of the elegant outfit by adding a cute bag, a neck scarf, and minimalistic jewelry. Color-wise, coats look elegant in any shade and pattern. But if we could push to the most elegant clothing style direction, our tip would be to choose something monochromatic. 

Velvet pants

Another statement garment to add to your elegant clothing style collection is velvet pants. Velvet is a fabulous fabric that is often associated with high class and luxury. No wonder these types of stylish pants are a top elegant outfit addition. 

To achieve the perfect elegant style look, make sure to go for neutral colors and clean patterns. Black, beige, and burgundy velvet pants are remarkably versatile, so you can easily combine them with almost any other elegant clothing. White and creme are also a good choice if you are looking to put together a neat elegant outfit for the office. 

In order for the fabric to look grand, you need to give it a little flow. We advise you to go for high-waisted wide-leg or flare pants. Avoid skinny velvet pants, as they look very casual and do not fit the elegant clothing style. Combine your pants with a clear shirt or a blouse, and complete the attire with chic high-heels and matching accessories.

Classy dress

Elegant slimming red dress

A woman’s wardrobe is not complete until she has a classy dress! A dress that you can wear to work, corporate events, celebratory occasions, and even when clubbing or going on a romantic date. With a garment like that your elegant clothing style would instantly elevate. 

With the dress, you want to steal the show but you also want to avoid looking too inappropriate or tacky. Having that in mind, for the best elegant outfit, choose a classy dress with a knee or below-the-knee length. Select a beautiful neutral color palette for the clothing. Throw a boutique bag, nice stilettos, and subtle jewelry into the mix to make a statement.

We hope that we got you excited about embracing the elegant clothing style and that you found the inspiration for your next elegant outfit! If we caught your attention, feel free to check out our online boutique where you can find beautiful versatile garments with a touch of class and elegance.