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4 Feb

What are the latest fashion trends we need to think about?

What are the latest fashion trends we need to think about?

Every year we see how the fashion world evolves and brings new exciting opportunities for stylists, designers, and fashionistas to express themselves. Fashion trends change so rapidly that sometimes it might be challenging to keep up with.

To help you navigate the latest fashion trends in 2022, we have collected and highlighted some of the hottest trends that will be big this year. In this article, you will learn more about their specifics that are worth considering here.

Fashion that is easy to wear but looks stylish

2022 is all about comfy clothing with chic vibes. Apparel that is easy to wear but still looks fashionable is put right under the spotlight, according to the latest fashion trends. 

Comfort and ease are vital qualities designers and stylists look up to, to make inspiring clothing and garments that fit the ‘new normal’ lifestyle.

With the social distancing, remote working, and the overall uncertainty we live in the last couple of years, it’s inevitable that fashion brands would eventually adapt to the situation. 

Latest fashion trends | 2022 | DTLine | Model with white crop top and brown jacket

Most of the fashion trends that will dominate 2022 are inspired by streetwear and youth culture. Some of the nostalgic fashion trends from the late 90s and early 2000s are also making a steady return on the fashion scene, in the sense of shapes and patterns. 

Unlike the last 60 years when new trends were dictated by magazines and runway shows, this year the attention is drawn to social media influencers and celebrities for what is hot and trendy in fashion.

Some of the latest fashion trends that deserve attention

Candy-Colored Sweatpants

Latest Fashion Trends 2022 | D2line | Girl with yellow sweatpants

Pastel sweatpants are a hit in the latest fashion trends in 2022. And to be honest, there is no better time to wear this type of clothing! 

Current fashion movements stand both candy-colored apparel and comfy sporty clothes. Mix those new fashion trends up and you have the ultimate fashion-statement garment without making a compromise of comfort.

In fact, celebrities and style influencers made candy-colored sweatpants such a craze, that some people might start calling the sweats the ‘new jeans’ soon.

We are all here for it! As diverse as the current trends are, almost everything can match a pair of pastel sweatpants. 

Bucket hats

Latest Fashion Trends 2022 | D2line | Woman with yellow glasses and blue fur bucket hat

Another hot fashion craze that is bound to make a return this year is oversized jackets. With streetwear and youth culture being the inspiration for new fashion trends, it is inevitable to miss out on a baggy-style jacket, right? 

In fact, oversized bomber jackets have become some of the highlight statement pieces of the latest fashion trends in 2022. The only problem you might face with oversized clothing is the good fit. 

So how to know if a bomber jacket is a fit? Rules are simple – the jacket should rest loosely on your hip, the cuffs should be relatively tight and fit on your wrists (not past, not above them)

Cropped sweaters and cardigans

Latest Fashion Trends 2022 | D2line | Asian woman with cropped sweater

Cardigans and sweaters are classic pieces of clothing that are extra comfy and easy to wear. Needless to say, they have been reinvented to fit the current style tendencies. 

After cropped summer tops ruled over the trends in the last few years, cropped cardigans coming in style was definitely something we could foresee. Now it’s here!

The new fashion movements in 2022 made cardigan crops shorter and ‘fluffier’, with big buttons and a flattering neckline. 

Pair the cardigan with boots and wide-legged pants, sweatpants, midi-skirt, or high-waisted flared jeans for a cute winter look that will turn heads. Kendall Jenner is one of the top celebrities that follow the latest fashion trends and embrace this type of clothing.

Hoodies under blazers

Latest Fashion Trends 2022 | D2line | Model with black hoodie under white blazer

New trends in 2022 are all about layering. One of the best layering styles to embrace is the combination of hoodies and blazers.

This combination might have been unusual a few years back. But now it is a mainstream outfit and a very popular fit in celebrity and influencer circles.

Wearing an elegant blazer over a cozy hoodie is a street-style fad that deserves all the attention it gets. To pull it off, choose a slim hoody in a dark color (without prints and embroideries) and pair it with a solid boxy blazer.

Match the chic combo with denim jeans or elegant slacks to complete the look.

Why to keep up with the latest fashion trends?

To stay up to date with new fashion trends, find useful sources of information on upcoming style movements. That could be social media accounts, fashion blogs like d2line, runway shows, magazines, and so on. 

Keeping up with the trends is a matter of preference. Everyone should be comfortable and wear the clothes that best express themselves.

What following new fashion trends could help you with, though, is discovering your own personal style and finding ways to reinvent yourself (if that’s what your goal is). 

Have trouble navigating the fashion scene, but really want to embrace it? Have an interest in fashion, but need advice on styling and combinations?

Then keeping up with the latest fashion trends might be truly life-changing.

Stay curious and open to new styles and ideas, and you will be rocking the current fashion trends in no time!